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Hope this is the most appropriate forum for this. I am running the London Marathon and hoping to raise 2000GBP for the Army Benevolent Fund in the process. As part of my fundraising efforts and to raise the profile of the charity I would like to obtain some t-shirts with British Army logos on the front. I am not looking for Regimental/Corps emblems, merely the generic crossed swords/crown motif.

I have tried some recruiting offices for stock but their budgets have been slashed and have nothing to offer. Can anyone suggest an alternate source? I left the Army in 2002 so I can't get anything through the system.

Or PM Arther three bums
Failing that, speak to your local recruiting team, or ACIO. THey often have the 'One Army' branded shirts to give to recruits- If all else fails, PM me as I liberated a couple of size large ones in a previous post, and I'm sure I could spare one for a good cause.
2/51 said:
Or have a look here...

Ebroidered t-shirts for £8...really good quality too... had a few off him and delivery is quick.

Here you go...
Does anybody have this companies telephone number and address/website?

I do not buy off ebay.

I am looking to purchase a number of RCT blazer type badges made out of silk/cotton thread on black or dark blue material (as opposed to gold and silver wire on padded out blazer material) for wearing on cotton drill tops or tracksuits.

Thank you.

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