British Army still the best

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. On p39 of today's Daily Express - no direct link - sorry!

    Clearly these chaps have a political agenda to pursue, but still a jolly nice piece of reportage from the Express here. Cheers chaps! :D
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Truth, Truth, my God it is the a newspaper!!!

    Nurse, nurse pass me my not the pills you daft bint, the port damn your eyes!!!!
  3. Although to be fair I would hardly say that stating that "The British Army best in the world" is news!

    It's a bit like saying "We need oxygen to live"!!!

    It's one of those things that will always be, no matter how hard tony tries.
  4. Still the best. Lol. 0wned
  5. I think that it is very hard task to be the best in all components, in all dimensions.

    As to size or nuclear arsenal then British army is not on the 1st place.

    It would be very interesting to hear directions where British army is really unconditionally the first.
  6. Well, I can asshure you that the British Army is unconditionally the finest Army Britain has, hence 'British Army still the best' is not a false statement.

    Thanks for your input.
  7. The British Army has always relied on Quality rather than quantity old chap, fieldcraft works superbly well through lessons learnt, but your human waves are very easily knocked down by heavy machine guns as your friends the chinese found out during the korean war :lol:
  8. Thank you! You asshured me (or ass-hured?)

    As I see you hold in high esteem beloved British leader, Rt.Hon.,learned mr.Blair. Present British army is visibly better than in times of conservative rule because of his enormous efforts. How happy you should be to see this noble and honest politician at power. Mr.Blair and 2d lady (1st one is her Majesty of course) I suppose are very popular in British army.
  9. Feck off KGB! :D

    Sometimes I think you manage to convince even yourself!
  10. Didn't the Russians have a saying about their army???

    "Quantity has a quality all of its own"

    At least every member of the British Army has been issued a gun when he needed one. Can't quite say the same for the Russkies.

    Still, top marks for Stalingrad!!!

  11. Are you being ironic? It's hard to tell. If you really believe that Pravda must have really done a number on you.
  12. True. I have travelled much of this world, and I have yet to see anyone who matches the Tom's ability to find new and interesting uses for human faeces. What other army could have dreamed up skiffing? Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is British thinking at its finest. :D
  13. That piece in the Express was only in the letters page, its still only one ex squadies opinion. The vast majority of civvies couldn't give a toss.
  14. ''On p39 of today's Daily Express''
    Just a shame its not on the front page, to remind some of our p@ss poor politicians.

    As for you KGB we 've seen how great your guys are at executing school kids and theatre goers.