British Army squaddies are not the only ones pissed off

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. There's growing resentment among the career squaddies in the Bundeswehr, since they're the ones who get deployed overseas. Conscripts stay at home.

    Here's an article about a survey carried out by the German Army Association. There are some surprising parallels to the gripes of British Army squaddies:,450850.html?fCMS=7184034642d0674fd43a9def72fbdd0c

    And here's a translation for those whose German's a bit rusty:

    Bundeswehr soldiers are disgruntled

    More that 96 percent of the career soldiers feel that they have insufficient support from politicians. Many are losing their zest for the job. That was the result of a survey by the German Army Association, in which 45,000 association-members, 24,000 of them serving soldiers, took part.

    Under the inadequate framework conditions, the soldiers are losing more and more motivation, the chair of the association, Bernhard Getz, said at the presentation of the results in Berlin on Thursday. Defence politicians from the Christian-Conservatives and the Social-Democrats pledged to take the study seriously. However, they pointed out that the survey was not representative, since almost half of the respondents were already retired.

    According to the survey, nearly half of all the career soldiers – around 49 percent – would not choose the career again. The reason for the dissatisfaction is the “dramatic underfinancing” of the Bundeswehr since the beginning of the 90s with regard to “personnel, operation and investments”.

    “What we have here is one huge mess of a work in progress“, Gertz said. Soldiers are “squeezed”, four at a time, into rooms measuring 22 square metres, the personal equipment standards for foreign deployments are considered to be “mediocre”, “bad” or “very bad” by most (67.36 percent). Only 9.72 percent of the career soldiers believe, according to the survey, that the Bundeswehr will manage to attract the necessary numbers of qualified recruits in the future. A clear majority (73.66 percent) of the career soldiers would not recommend service in the Armed Forces to anyone.

    Thus, Gertz is demanding an additional 1.1 billion euro in the 2008 budget. With this, he is conspicuously below the seven billion euro requirement calculated by Bernd Siebert, the defence political speaker of the Christian-Conservative fraction, Gertz said. Siebert said of the study: “The shortcomings in the equipment of the Bundeswehr are known, however and in spite of the existing political will, this can only be remedied in the course of time.”

    The Social-Democratic defence expert Rainer Arnold said that the equipment planning for foreign deployments should once again be closely examined. “Because the motto: ‘give us more money and everything will be alright’ just does not cut it.”
    26.04.2007 14:58


  2. I'm not sure about current operational accomodation, but wouldn't that have been considered luxury in NI a few years ago?
  3. Nope, that would have been considered a 10 man room.
  4. Whinging boxheads!
  5. I really wanted to highlight the paucity of planning and lack/low standard of equipment for foreign deployments contained in this article, T_T. However, I admit that any British Army squaddie in such a room would consider her/himself lucky.

    I well remember being in a room measuring 10’ x 15’ (just under 14 sq metres) with three others and none of us thought to complain about it. It took a bit of co-ordination of a morning to put our togs on, but it was no real sweat.

    But maybe the complaints about space are because of the German mindset, since the average individual German has something like 41.6 sq metres (447.7 sq ft) living space at her/his disposal (see here:, while British Army squaddies are more used to the typical cramped rooms of the UK.

    Just a thought.

  6. Sounds a bit similar to our views aswell then.

    More that 96 percent of the career soldiers feel that they have insufficient support from politicians
  7. I spent a couple of years living onboard an army landing craft in a room around 4x4 metres ish with 3 other blokes in 2 sets of bunk beds with 1 sink! Very little locker/drawer room... you get by and get on with it...

    Then again in NI I had a room twice the size of the one above to myself...
  8. Exactly, The_IRON. And what should really get the Kraut politicians thinking is this:
    I know my (still serving) son has this attitude, but I wonder how many more member of the British Armed Forces think roughly the same.

  9. Im still serving and so is my son and at present would recomend joining the armed forces, but the more the politicians fcuk things up and less support we get from the politicians whilst serving and once left the forces I can see the % going up.