British Army soldier 1982 - PIC NEEDED

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Monday books, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right area to post - apologies and pls move it not - but can anyone point me in the direction of a photo library, preferably online, where I can find generic pics of British Army soldiers from the Falklands era?
    I need one for a book cover.
    Thanks a lot
  2. What's the book about?

    There are loads of images from the Falklands on the net (a bit useless if the book is set in NI though).

    Why not try the gallery here? If anything is suitable, it'll be easy to get hold of the copyright holder if he's an ARRSEr.
  3. Thanks for help.
    It's a book about the Falklands, basically - a soldier's memoir of the war. Have tried the net, not much on there (I'm looking for a shot taken from behind so the soldier is not identifiable, because it's obviously not going to be about that specific soldier so would be odd if it showed the wrong face).
    Have tried the gallery here too - couldn't see any Falklands stuff but could have been looking in the wrong place?
    Am talking to photo agencies but it's surprisingly hard to find the right kind of image - though maybe not, given that the media access was heavily restricted in the conflict, so there were fewer pics taken.

    One thought - if anyone has such an image, good quality obviously, I'd be happy to come to a financial arrangement for its use. It doesn't have to come from an agency. Obvioously, you must be the copyright holder, though.


  4. thanks, will deffo have a look at those links now
  5. Thanks TT
    That's an outside shout I spose, but I'd rather have something actually from the era, I think.
    But thanks again, anyway.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Why not have a look in the Gallery?
    But remember to ask permission of the poster before you use them.
    Just a thought.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    One of the very few press photographers attached to the Task Force in 1982 was a bloke called Tom Smith from the Daily Express (as was then). The cameramen, photographers and journalists worked on the pool system so that the copy/footage/stills would be made available to all media.

    I don't know where Tom is these days, but it might be worth your while to give the Express Picture desk a shout:
  8. This is going to be feck all help - BUT - I came across a story last year (and now I can't remember if it was online or hard copy) about a guy - soldier at the time, Guardsman Scots/Welsh, not sure - prob Scots - who took shit loads of pictures during the FI War.

    If it was hard copy, it would have been Sunday Times magazine (their photo editor should be worth a call anyway)

    Could you not do a screen capture from some documentary footage?

    Otherwise, T_L_Ts flag waving bootie does it for me.
  9. An RM JNCO by the name of Brown who was a keen photographer certainly took a lot of photos and had a book published probably a year or so after the war. I only saw one copy in a mess so can give no more details - but you can probably track down the details via the British Library (it was published through a 'proper' publisher rather than an in-house publication).
  10. Try the Associated Press library, dont know the link or contact details but, I know they charge a fee of around £75 for multiple use of a normal (book image) black & white photo. Copyright is a strange old beast......if someone gives you a copy of a photo, it is legally considered to have been 'gifted' and therefore holds no copyright, even if the person who took it still has the negative etc., same goes for photos freely made available to the wider world (like the Arrse gallery) by individuals. They lose the right to claim copyright and that picture can be used by, be aware piccie posters, there ain't no money or law-suits in the offering when you post your pics or give copies to your mates.
  11. Got to the SAMA Site (South Atlantic Medal Association (1982) ) and send a message to one fo the site administrators, no doubt they will get you the very best pic for your book from the people who were there.


    My pennies worth anyway...