British Army seeking 56 year old re-recruits

Do I get a runner to do my fitness tests?


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No but your BFT time is measured with a calender.
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I can see how this could work if they use to it to fill PIDs for instructors / admin types, etc, thereby freeing up others for return to RD. Do individuals with appropriate SQEP really need to fill deployable billets?


From the link
You can rejoin at your previous rank if there is a job vacancy available. If there are no vacancies at that level, you may be offered a role at a lower rank.

Also from the link

If you were medically discharged your details will be reviewed and treated on a case by case basis.

Strange that they would bin someone for being a biff then let them join up again.
Short of cannon fodder?


Do you reckon it's because chinning off blokes at 55 can sometimes mean your loosing a load of admin staff, drivers etc that do all the unseen shit that keep units running smoothly ? I knew of reserve units where practically all MATTs ( except phiz ) were covered by the old n bold, ditto drivers for minibus etc.
A lot of Signals, Int Corps etc. roles could be carried out by experienced people up until 70's easily - look at GCHQ for example.

Even if it was field based, I'd be happy to sit in a wagon & watch a screen, as long as it still had 240v AC for my kettle & assorted chargers like in the old days.

I'm not quitting my lucrative telecoms job to go back to Full Screw pay though!! :D


Matter of time before they follow the RAF and up the age limit for direct entry and let guys transfer direct into the regulars from the reserve ( although i think this might already happen)
As former Plant op. Mechanic. I can sit all day and Doze no bother.
Have a bucket and scrape a living as a pensioner
so I'm available if they raise the age to seventy
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The boxheads did it a couple of years ago and a steady trickle of retired's were actively rejoining. I think their new termination age is 62'ish
Certainly above 60, as I have a couple of them working with me at the moment. I think it may even be as high as 65.
Well, it could get worse. It's not as if there aren't historical precedents.

Michael Melas
Austrian General

Michael Melas
Michael Melas became a soldier in Austria's armies at the age of 17.

Born in Transylvania, he fought in the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) but was a solid, rather than exceptional, soldier and advanced slowly up the ladder.

In 1799, he rose to command the army in the Italy campaign and began it well with victories at Cassovo, Novi and a successful siege that forced General Massena to surrender Genoa.

Meeting Napoleon Bonaparte on the field of Marengo, Melas seemed to be on his way to another victory when he turned command over to a subordinate.

That, and the arrival of reinforcements under General Louis Desaix, swung the fight in France's favour and Melas' army disintegrated and the remnants withdrew from North Italy.

Melas retired in 1803. (at the age of 74!)

Not only desperate, but I should think suicidal. The yanks must think that UK & Co Ltd is now a fully functioning paid up, all bells and whistles, banana republic, total unable to function on a higher military level than the Vatican Swiss guard............ Makes you proud to be British.......NOT!
Except the US Army has already extended its max re-enlistment age and is actively advertising for re-enlisters.

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