British Army seeking 56 year old re-recruits

So with the army heading for Standby, are all the over 50s forming an orderly queue for home defence duties?

Dr Death

My Father a retired Colonel is very disappointed that at 89 he is not returning to the colours.
Very frustrated that as a Korean Veteran he is being over looked, he might have retired some 34 years ago but he ready to lead again, his old unit now well gone but he was para trained so feels that 2 or 3 para for him, even happy to drop to Major if it gets him to see some action!
Getting called up would be way better than staying in throughout the lockdown. At least you're getting paid and getting around a bit.


I'm nearly 54, been out nearly 30 years was a L/Cpl happy to go back as a Staffy or Tiffy WO2.
My life experience and taxes must count for something now!

Dek Finlay

I'll do it, I'm only 50, but I insist on being a Brigadier and have my own actual Batman. I mean, the actual Batman.
I’ve heard it’s all changed now. As a 44 year old bloke I’m going to return (if asked to beat up civvies with a pick helve for having Easter eggs) as Wonder Woman. But in a respirator obviously. I’ve still got an S10. Not sure if the canister is still operational but it’s still sexy. Anyone know where I can source DPM tights? I’m still professional


Wow - what an incredible opportunity......

Even if they reduce me by one rank, I am sure to be allowed back at the dizzying height of 'Gunner'

I'm within the new age still - but the BFT/CFT maybe a tad of problem.
My knees aren't great either and the eyes are starting to struggle - but otherwise, good to go!

Where do I sign.... ;-)


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Can I still collect my dla? And I want a Mercedes mobility car and and and and..........
If her Majesty can extend this opportunity to members of commonwealth living in their home countries, you will see the massive turn out. Also, if they can help put in a word to UKVI.

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