British Army seeking 56 year old re-recruits


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"We value your previous service, and if you're thinking of coming back, there's a job waiting for you. If you have served in the Regular Army, you can return to full time service even if you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme. There are also opportunities for personnel from the other services to join the Army.

What's the age limit to rejoin?

Rejoiners can start the application process as long as they enlist before their 57th birthday."


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Do you return in same rank?
I think I shall give that a miss
I'll do it, I'm only 50, but I insist on being a Brigadier and have my own actual Batman. I mean, the actual Batman.
I can give you Field Marshall, but you have to have original Aquaman.
Who do you think you are kidding Ms. Trevelyan?...
Do you return in same rank?
From the link
You can rejoin at your previous rank if there is a job vacancy available. If there are no vacancies at that level, you may be offered a role at a lower rank.

Also from the link

If you were medically discharged your details will be reviewed and treated on a case by case basis.

Strange that they would bin someone for being a biff then let them join up again.


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You can also apply to rejoin if you were dishonourably discharged.
Does my old regiment have a dominoes, lawn bowling, or a cribbage team? I'd love to rejoin for the sport and adventure training opportunities. I wonder how many fathers, dropping their lads off at Week 1 will be mistaken for a rejoiner and shouted at by nasty name with the stripes at the front gate.
Do you reckon it's because chinning off blokes at 55 can sometimes mean your loosing a load of admin staff, drivers etc that do all the unseen shit that keep units running smoothly ? I knew of reserve units where practically all MATTs ( except phiz ) were covered by the old n bold, ditto drivers for minibus etc.
The boxheads did it a couple of years ago and a steady trickle of retired's were actively rejoining. I think their new termination age is 62'ish


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While this seems a sensible additional recruitment avenue, it does smack of desperation.


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Are Capita still running the recruitment shambles? Because if it's still taking 2 years to get through the process then I've missed it by 2 years.

Oh well.

Back to the pub it is then.
Bloody hell they must be desperate

Not only desperate, but I should think suicidal. The yanks must think that UK & Co Ltd is now a fully functioning paid up, all bells and whistles, banana republic, total unable to function on a higher military level than the Vatican Swiss guard............ Makes you proud to be British.......NOT!

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