British Army Screensaver??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spursluv, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. Where the bloomin hell can I get a British Army or Soldier screensaver, I am going slowly mad searching the internet and finding nothing, please help before I go insane, much appreciated :)
  2. *Sighs* I'll admit the sad nature that is me now... however in a fit of patriotic pride etc I grabbed a load of images related to my field from

    If you put them all in a folder you can then choose the standard windows screensaver... My pictures slideshow then choose the appropriate folder under settings.

    There are other programs that will let you make a custom screensaver also.
  3. I know thats what mood I'm in, I am feeling very patriotic and am not getting very far in expressing this!

    Cheers though matey, where do I find My pictures slideshow?
  4. Right click your desktop then click properties then screen saver then choose from the list it shoudl say "My Pictures Slide Show". This is XP though.

    Otherwise someone will need to suggest an easy to use program for you to make your own quickly and easily.
  5. Ah ha, I have found it, thankyou I will am off to find some piccys to save now, thanks for that matey, I was getting bored with looking at Wondow XP floating round my screen :D
  6. Why the hell would you want too?

    Oh my god, this site is becoming full of spotters
  7. I would rather have a rotten squid masking-taped to the screen. :D
  8. Cos i feckin would, I'm sick of the shite flying past my screen I have now, why is that so hard to understand?
  9. You're a sick man VB!
  10. Personally speaking, I have this little number as Wallpaper.. 8)

  11. You wanna buy a bigger screen then..... :wink:

  12. I cant believe i felt for that one too!!
  13. Say what you like about the crabs, they do eat exceedingly good cakes, fcuking loads of them, the fat cnuts!