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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jagythistle, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Can someone remind me of the name of the contributor who submitted articles unber a "Roman" name like procrastinator. old age has caught up with me and its doing my head in
  2. Praetorian :?:
  3. Spartacus?
  4. sure it began with a P
  5. Maybe Sustainer has a Roman nose? :eek:
  6. Piscator did the illustrations for Sustainer
  7. Tank Nash (aka Sustainer) He was conscripted for National Service in 1960 and finished it 31 years later as a Brigadier.
    For 25 years he has been a regular contributer to a variety of Service journals and his work usually appears under the pen name 'Sustainer'.
    He has published innumerable short stories, articles and satirical essays. He has co-authored six cartoon books and his book The Colonel's Table (in, conjunction with Henry Stanhope) was published in 1995. Sustainer was, for five years, the Bursar of a leading independent School. He stood as a candidate for the Referendum Party in the 1997 General Election, and narrowly missed election by only 25,627 votes. He is now a Management Consultant and a resident columnist in The Officer.

    About Piscator :
    Andrew Fisher completed a full career in the Army and is now employed by the Army Benevolent Fund at 41 Queen's Gate, London.Some of the pictures he has drawn for Sustainer are also available as coasters.

    He has illustrated for 'Verdener Aller Zeitung', the 'British Army Review' and 'The Officer' magazine.
  8. without meaning to set off alarms a la QI was it perchance 'Bigus Dickus'
    Sorry could'nt resist:)
  9. Indeed Shaka it was Sustainer, my old grey cells ain't what thet used to be, many thanks
  10. Wasn't me.
  11. He has a wife you know.........!