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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by SoftPawn, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum, but you guys will probably know.

    Being the geek I am, I'm after a subscription to the 'British Army Review', at least while I wear green. Is this available to individuals, or only to units? I wrote requesting a subscription and only got one copy (it had an article on assymetric warfare I was interested in). Is this just an oversight or is Not Done? I'm not a Very Important Green Person...
  2. It says on the inside front cover that "individuals and organisations not entitled to free issues may obtain copies on pre-payment by application to DSDC Llangennech. Supply under pre-payement is subject to approval by the Editor on a case-by-case basis."

    Now, I am too busy as an evil megalomaniac to decrypt this obscure nonsense but No. 2 tells me it means that if you butter up the editor, he'll let you buy copies.

    I have no idea what a Llangennech is. Someone tried to sell me a genetically engineered war-crazy alien called a Llangonnoch once, but I don't think that's the same thing. I'd just write to the editor, using the address given on the inside front cover.
  3. Cheers I'll write to them again and offer them vast sums of looted loot.

    It's a bit like a Rhodendron, a famous medieval siege engine.
  5. Have just been looking at ARMYNET and they have the current issue on line, and it seems that they will have an archive of all back issues available soon.

    There is also the possibility of getting the back catalogue on cd-rom. Hope this helps
  6. Ah cheers Mr P! Online is just my thing.
  8. It's the only thing worth looking at on Armynet - except for the pay statement of course.

    While we are on the geeky subject of army magazines that noone in their right mind would find interesting but I do, I've also seen on occassion a magazine with a title something along the lines of 'Army Training and Doctrine'.

    anyone know where that can be got hold of?

    I like Softpawn am an extremely unimportant chap when in green so am unlikely to be the recipient of the unit copy (unless I hang round the squadron office and nick it when it comes in before anyone senior can)
  9. Oddly we recieved a whole box of these, almost 60 copies for 135 pax!
  10. You must have my copy! :D
  11. Purple,

    Its called Army Doctrine & Training News, code AC 71598-20, current version No 20.

    Its about the only army publication that every unit I've ever seen seems to have loads, they just end up in boxes in the pamphlet store somewhere because they're not very interesting at a lower level!
  12. Londonjock, ta for that, I must have been rifling through the wrong people's desk drawers when I was in the squadron office then. :D

    If they are around then I'm sure I'll find one soon!
  13. Both the full back catalogue of BAR (5-disc set) and ATDN (2-disc set) are available on CD-ROM, through the pamphlets system. I tried to order both, but our esteemed orderly room lost the demand, and then lost their "Big Book of Pamphlet Numbers", so I don't even have the number to reorder them :( :(

    Anyone ever done the demand / got the number? Being a STAB, my chances of getting on TANET run to somewhere between nil and zero.
  14. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oddly we recieved a whole box of these, almost 60 copies for 135 pax![/quote]

    Looks like you have a potential little earner there :wink:
  15. Llangennech, somewhere in deepest Wales, is the central depot for distributing Army publications and the reams of amendments that come through. Do you remeber the days of amending Pamphlet 21 so that you could put it at the bottom of your pack and leave it at the back of the range?