British Army Reserves application process, how long does it take?

Hi, on the 18th I applied to join the British Army Reserves, and today I have already received an Online Medical Questionnaire (OMQ). I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to advice me on how long the process will take from here, is the OMQ a slow process, will I find myself waiting a couple of months until I get invited to an interview? I'm trying to figure out roughly how many months I have from now until selection and then training.

Thanks in advance for any answers.


It could be done and dusted within 8-10 weeks or I've heard horror stories of 8-10 months. All depends on things which are beyond your control. The doctor can delay the speed of your process by taking a life time to fill in your medical questionnaire!! Then if any issues arise from that then again can take time to sort. Then getting your kit ordered and it ARRIVING!! can also be a nightmare.Talking from experience I would say give yourself a time of 3 months. In reality it could be Jan before your on alpha. Keep in touch with your CSM regularly and get yourself as fit as possible in the meantime.


Booked on my bravo course next month, at the end of which will leave me standing as 24 months from initial application to "qualified soldier". Best option is to assume it will be at least a year before you even get a whiff of some slim jim feeling up your inside leg for your uniform, anything sooner than that and your a bonus just don't expect it.

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