British Army Ranked 10 th in the World

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dumdum, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. British Army Rated 10th in the world according to
    Analise how well each country's military shapes up
    From The Times (theclick)
  2. That ranking table is a load of cack!!
  3. Beaten by Brazil and Turkey and FRANCE? ffs lets invade one of them now and see who wins.... anyone free this weekend? or is everyone but me on tour?
  4. I think you will find Britain still punches way above its weight in both political and military terms.
  5. yeah right the french above us
  6. that table does not take inmto accout the potent force multiplier that is the Egg Banjo
  7. I know PotYos already highlighted this, but what use is a rankings list without a least some input from these factors? Unless you believe that quantity has a quality all its own...

    Bunch of arrse.
  8. Is that with or without marmite?
  9. What a load of bollocks we have beaten all the above countries at one time or the other except brazil and thats only because we have no fought it.
    Cant find a way to complain about it.
    yank tossers
  10. Because its cack, thats why!
  11. Or wpns of Mass Effect like Range Stew and Ghurka Curry :wink:
  12. Google Gallipoli: the Turks beat us pretty convincingly there: they have one of the largest and scariest armys in the world, and were confident of giving the bear a bloody nose if he crossed their border: I have no problem with their relative position, given the pathetic size we currently are.
  13. So that's basically everything that makes the British Army great discounted?
  14. They won the battle who won the war ? ottman empire went down the toilet when?
  15. google Sir Edmund Allenby:, read about when we beat the fluff out of the turks. Gaza,Jerusalem,Damascus and Aleppo! including I believe the last cavalry charge by the British Army.