British Army Rank Structure

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ub3rb0wl, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. I have no idea of where to post this, so can someone help me out with the British Army's rank structure?

    All I know of it is this:

    Private - Corporal - Sergeant - Lieutenant - NCO - CO - Major - sergeant Major - General.

    That is literally all i know... i've tried google, turned up nothing on the first page (Although it did reference to an ARRSE page)

    Thanks in advance guys.

    --Is preparing for all hell to break loose--
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Msr beat me to it.

    Now something I haven't seen is a translation of the rank titles used by different Corps/Regiments,


    Private, Sapper, Gunner, Craftsman, Trooper, etc.

    Corporal, Bombardier, etc.

    Sergeant, Corporal, etc
  4. Every man an emperor.
  5. There's no actual "structure" to the Army's system of rank... It's more a sort of "your badges look prettier and seems more important than mine so I'll follow your orders"...

    This system, of course, falls down when "normal" Officers/NCO's face regiments like the Paras, Marines or certain units of the RAF who have that extra, pretty little badge or two that makes them vastly superior to anyone without said badge, (as it rightly should be). Then there can be problems when the "un-badged" try to tell the "pretty badged" that they should salute or show respect to them.

    So, in short, the Army rank structure is... "flexible".. there, that's a good word.. flexible in the face of superior men, women and, in some cases, children...

    Hope that helps... :D
  6. As opposed to the crabs who's rank structure comprises of

    wing commander
    c-unt bucket

    in that order.
  7. Nice to see a fellow crab... :D
  8. Drawn from my experience it looks a bit like this:

    Traitors (MOD brewbitches)

    Pointless poncey crossdressing tw'ats spouting gibberish

    Arseholes and thieves

    Sergeants some of whom may be alright


    Lance Corporals

  9. How can you post 83 (to date) times on a "Army" themed web sight and not have a clue about said Army's rank structure?

    I smell a Pish take! (and is not Airborne Aircrew's cheapo bennito after-shave either!)

    As for Crabs. Well they "may" have a rank structure, however they are CERTAIN to be as Popular a Prossie with said infestation!
  10. What like pilots, loadmasters, PJIs etc, surely the only RAF badges worth having. :twisted:
  11. I thought that was a marshal's baton in every pack? :? :wink:
  12. Forget ranks,just remember this.
    "The most dangerous thing in the Army.An Officer with a map"
  13. Only if you are if you are going before an Industrial/a Discrimination tribunal claiming compensation for loss of future earnings :D
  14. Biped

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    That's the Army rank structure, but of course, when it comes to pretty and not-so-pretty badges, you also have to consider the support arms of the Army, some of whom also sport badges, or 'tramp stamps' as they are unkindly known.

    Ranks as follows: