British army rangers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drz400:), Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering if there's an equivalent in the Brit army to the US army rangers?
  2. Yes, its called 'The British Army'
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  3. Haha brilliant
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  4. #####Well there used to be the Irish Rangers, but they've changed their name!:eye:

    I think they're called the Green Berets now!
  5. "Green 160 pounders" more like..
  6. Assuming this isn't a trolling session, SFSG is probably as close as we get. The fun will start when the argument begins about "who is the best" with the majority of the input coming from people who have no clue what either of them actually do and how they are selected (I include myself in the not much clue, as opposed to, no clue, group)
  7. Good job they've introduced ROPS.
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  8. The US Rangers were trained by the Commandos when first formed in WW2 so you could say a RM Cdo unit or a PARA Battalion would be the equivilant.

    I'd say any British infantry unit would give them a run for their money though.
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  9. on this site:
    Special Forces Support Group | SFSG
    they do indeed compare SFSG to 75th Ranger Regiment, in terms of role, at least. Who can say about competency.
    I find it odd that it consists of 1PARA plus elements of RM and RAF Regt. Seems like an odd mix.
  10. I'd say regular ranger units are probably equivalent to Infantry battalions?
    We have an AI in cadets that was ex US Airborne Rangers, think that probably equates to the Paras, as he called himself "special forces"
    Evidently, the Paras aren't special forces, but the definition may have been somewhat distorted between countries...
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  11. Are RAF Regiment in SF then? Are they any good?
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  12. I'd like to think that too, but in all honesty, I doubt it - based on my ill-informed armchair observations on men's TV channels of their selection and training it looks pretty damn tough to get through the selection - almost sadistic. Not sure how the continuation training compares to, say The Parachute Regt., but I'd guess its similar.

    I can remember a certain regular inf battalion at BATUS being deemed unfit to use warrior by their CO and reduced to fighting pairs for a week, then fireteams, etc, all the way to battalion attacks, before finally being allowed to proceed with their mechanised training, I can't imagine a 'proper' US Ranger unit (as opposed to the giys who earn the flash then return to their parent unit) having to do this kind of remedial training.

    I'll wager there are people on here with first-hand experience of both - perhaps they can shed some light?
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  13. Seriously? Be quiet!
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  14. I realise you are a cadet and so I don't want to appear to be snotty, but why do you think that?