British Army Pro Boots

Has anyone had any experiences with them.
Recently equired a pair, took em on excercise. While brewing up in the morning we had a contact and had to put out me hexy quickly. Stepped on the fcuker and it went straight into through the sole of the boot into my foot. Quite funny, but i needed three stitches, sob.

anyone know how i can contact makers or something as i bought them?? Try for a new pair??
Might want to check the following:  guys that are responsible for the production of pro-boot.  My own pair have taken some abuse over the past 14 months and are still motoring along rightly.  This includes being battered by petrol bombs, (which resulted in only some minor melting of the sole).  If yours managed to melt right through by simply stamping out a hexy, certainly doesn't sound like they were fit for use.

Mr Happy

Was it the hexi block that melted through or the hexi burner that pierced the bottom.  Sounds poor but either way I would refer you to your kit insurance if you can't change them in stores  ;)


It was on of the prongs of the cooker... so it wasnt too hot. It was quite funny.. cos the ******* thing was still burning and it was alos in my foot i couldnt stamp it out and it set my boot on fire.


I hate mine,   they make my shins hurt, my feet always feel damp in them, I have to wear extra socks and insoles in them. yes they are the right size.  I like my Britton boots better, or my Matterhorns.

Mr Happy

I too can see the funny side!  

If you have to wear two pairs of socks and innersoles then the boots really aren't the right size despite what the number of the sole/box says....

Issue Matterhorns seemed fine to me, never understood why pro-boots have such a good rep., did Andy McNab where them?  Or the other chap?
I thort they where a great piece of kit when I first got em but a short while latter the sole went on em.

Ive since moved on to matterhorns as they av a sewn in sole. The pro boot sole is just glued, pity otherwise a good boot me rekons.


Do your pro boots stitching self destruct at the fron of the lacing? gone through 2 pairs now........ :-/

get the army to pay for some Lowe boots

speak to the MO and get referd to Bulford ;D
broken_arfat: Thats the problem most blokes seem to get, mine split on the heel tho. Have you any experience with the Lowe? if so how r they?


Hi Tabber,

Lowe boots are very good, same kind of last as a civvie walking boot and a great fit.

well worth getting them for free of the med centre
That noise you hear is a couple of thousand squaddies ears prick up,"free Lowas from your med centre"
Please enlighten with a list of symptons to be displayed in order to gain, and the level of acting needed to be convincing.
Ps my Mo is in the local amatuer dramatics and might see through me and also even resents giving Brufen so wish us luck


Just a question, dows anyone remember a time before Pro Boots! You know when we had to buy them ourselves, rather then get issued(or sometimes not) them.....

If I remember correctly, when we all went out and purchased them, they had good quaility soles, anti this anti that, good for tabbing - then the military got involved, and the sole has been "upgraded" to a cheaper one?

Or am i talking s*** ????? ???
now, where is this info about the free lowa's, enlighten or retract!

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War Hero
My pro boots are very good and going strong just managed to get them exchanged as well which is quite unusual. I did try the matterhorns but they were more pointed at the front and caused me a great deal of pain crunching my toes in. so the pro boots get a big thumbs up from me.
The problem with Matterhorns is that when they get wet the leather streches, so your tootse slides about like a great big slidy thing and blisters are the next thing to grab your attention from the pain in your knees, back, butt etc. also the army didnt like paying an American company for something that a British company could charge less for and they, the gov procurement dept could fcuk up more. I remember the trial boot that Britten boots sent to the Paras to try out..... F&*%3 Brill! Then the Combat boot was issued and it seemed that all the lessons learned were ignored! Then the pro boot came along, recamended by chaps that were hooligans so we tried it out and the first lot were good, then they wore out and the rest are now sh*t!

Try Altberg. They are British, from Richmond N Yorks and are cheeper that buying pro boots, matterhorn or lowe.
Good luck and happy tabbing.

Of course if the furthest distance you walk is like the US Army, who they were designed for, around your jeep/landy to the naffi then stick with the pro/matterhorn. If not then time to revert back to days long gone (not) and buy your own decent kit cos the issue stuff is sh*t.

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