British Army Portrait Exhibition Please Help

The British Army is a diverse and proud organisation with a cherished heritage. ‘Soldiery’, both as a portraiture exhibition, and its subsequent book, has been a project that focused on historically documenting the modern British Military in a contemporary reflection of historical portraiture of days gone by. Professional Portraitist Rory Lewis has collaborated closely with the Army in a busy schedule of hundreds of military portrait sittings. The results feature the Army’s Leaders and Soldiers from a range of iconic regiments. Each depicts the unique identity of the regiment and rank. Rory’s initial aim was both historic and ambitious, and he has succeeded in creating an exhibition and book of the project.
Soldiery (Exhibition & Book)
Rory Lewis is now Crowdfunding to help bring Soldiery to life. Rory has been offered the chance to exhibit at Armed Forces Day Main Event in Liverpool, June 24th 2017. Your donation will help to cover the costs of exhibiting, and publishing a book of the project. In return, Rory can offer you rewards, including first edition copies of the book.

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