British army or salvation army?

lik181 said:
Anyone else fed up with all the fun runs,half marathons,go kart racing etc etc at slb?
When is OP TELIC going to start?
Oh dear....... this WAS an attempt to get a bite, wasn't it? I am now going to be guity of a little presumption: younger soldier? First tour in Iraq? Possibly first tour at all? Perhaps augmenting a unit and lacking peers to talk with or ability to get involved with your head shed? For some of the fraternity here, Op TELIC began a few years ago and for those poor souls banged up in SLB for the third or fourth time, I suspect that the creature comforts are very welcome to what was there before. I could suggest, and this is no "bite", that if you find your present situation too bland and "Club 18-55", that you suffer for a wee while and then pop over to Helmand: things might be sufficiently austere for you there. Failing that, an improvised pair of razor wire underpants and a hessian vest might give you a more worthwhile sensation. :)

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