British Army on LSD

'king hilarious...i think. :?
pity they don't have that as a recruiting video

Don't know if LSD is still much used. When we started drug awareness in BAOR in 69, we researched with Yank Army and they did not have much of a problem with it despite efforts of Dr Timothy. German police flatly refused to believe that anyone would use acid. It seems to have been quite an attractive thing in US college. Much of the supposed effects were sexed-up as we would say today. There were properly documented cases where users thought they were birds and sought to fly from high buildings. Best urban myth was guy who hallucinated that he was being attacked by giant snake and killed it by suffocation. Woke up to find he had pushed half the bedsheet down his gf's throat. US army opinion was that use in front line conditions was unlikely as not even the worst soldier would contemplate going into battle with someone actually stoned in LSD. There was concern about the reputed flash-back syndrome where blokes would start seeing things even though no acid in system. The whole thing came about due to numbers of hash users in Vietnam and LSD was seen as a natural progression from grass.
Only problem I recall was in a REME unit where int suggested that Vietnam peacniks in Amsterdam were encouraging brits to get onto drugs and then lure them to Holland where they would be debriefed about secrets of our tanks of those days. Enquiry established that lure to Dutch was correct but debrief was b/s. Those who crossed were used in PR against 'nam war.
Here endeth the history lesson.
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