British army on acid - official!

Heh, brilliant.
Wasnt Saddam 'supposed' to have 'happy' bombs?

If he had used them, then Ibiza would be closed by now, and Baghdad would be the party capital of the world :)
I think the yanks experimented in a similar way.

THe plan was to invent some sort of bomb that would cause all the opfor to become completely incapable of any form of defence, and then mop up.

better than shelling the fcuk out of somewhere, or using nasty NBC type stuff.
I wonder if those poor devils were told what might happen to them? Probably not, most likely to be a case of "Do you want one sugar lump or two?"
Haven't seen this for a while - weren't they Bootnecks?
The sad thing is CDT turned up at their unit a few days later...
The NVA (East German Army) were very worried at it being used as a C weapon. I once saw their individual issue first aid manual which amongst other things mentioned actions on LSD.

Alas, I can't remember them!
Bubbles_Barker said:
Haven't seen this for a while - weren't they Bootnecks?
That's what I thought, looking at the beret badge. But you'd have thought the impulse to get naked would have been pretty strong once they started tripping.
Bubbles_Barker said:
Haven't seen this for a while - weren't they Bootnecks?
If it's the vid I have seen before (link in OP did not work) the capbadges I could see looked like the STAFFORDS.


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LSD was developed and initially thought to be a super drug for American and Allied forces. It was to be used in Vietnam and the thinking was that it would produce 'super troopers', but, much like ABBA, was unsuitable for purpose and instead, like ABBA, became a mind-altering substance.

Edited to add; good job CDT wasn't around in my day. We were regularly issued with Benzedrine, a class 'A' drug, amphetamine based for use on exercise and if required, operations. Good for keeping us awake and alert for days at a time. Just had to be near something soft when effects wore off.
2 brufen, a bit of tubigrip and get back to work

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