British Army OG trainers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. In the early 90s ('93?) British troops were issued OG/grey running trainers for pt as running in boots was causing many soldiers to damage their feet.
    I still have a pair of these that have been in regular use since I 'obtained' them in '94 but what I want to know is what civvie trainer were they based on?
    They are simply the most comfortable running shoe I have ever used and despite showing no signs of wear I know they will have to call endex eventually and I would like to find the civvie version as I am that impressed!
  2. Shame on you for even admitting that you pikey cnut but I think it was the Nike Silver Shadows (that is the brand that was issued after the demise of the green ones anyway).
  3. If they are the ones I think, they were HiTech Silver Shadows, subtly recoloured into green.
  4. Silver shadows.
  5. Siver Shadows are comfortable, problem is they are not so great at being fit for purpose.
  6. HiTec Silver Shadows,now they are silver, and they're still issued.

    I reckon they're the dogs bollocks for running in.
  7. I've still got a brand new unworn pair of them! I've also still got my black Army daps.

    I might just put the trainers on eBAy.....SAS/SBS Running shoes anyone?
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The green ones weren't based on the Silver Shadow and I don't know what they were based on.

    They were useful for taking on exercise. Green and it didn't matter if they got trashed.
  9. We were issued the green ones and a pair of white daps - and then told by the PTIs that if we ever wore them for PT, we'd get reamed. They were shockingly bad. The Silver Shadow was a major improvement and a fine neutral running shoe - as long as you get a new pair every few hundred miles (advised by a specialist physio).
  10. the old Green ones were based on, indeed made by Reebok (Reebok Royals I believe) I had a red and white version of them and they were exactly the same as the green ones in design, cut and material.

    I always thought they were better than the Hi tec silver Shadow.

  11. You obviously don't do much PT if one pair of trainers has lasted over 12 years!
  12. Mine sit in the bottom of my bergan for exercise stand downs.
  13. Thats what we got told as well when issued in 93. Not as comfy as Reebok or Hi Tec tho and yes i stilll have a green pair which are buried in my sausage bag!
  14. Bloody running shoes!! lucky ba$tard$ all we had were the horrible white plimsoles for the gym and highleg boots for running. No wonder the army has gone soft, bloody running shoes!!! :sweatdrop:
  15. Only ever had the black daps...Those along with Shorts, Huge, Stanly Mathews" and PT top "White, V Neck, Biafran"...I am sure the there was some sort of time warp in the stores!