British Army Officer vs. Royal Marine recruit?

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by The Badgers' Hole, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm graduating this year with an hounors degree in science and looking to join the british military. I initially planned to join the IDF as a cadet/soldier, but with have gone off the idea of joining them. I have opted to go for the british military and I'm finding it hard to decide what to get into. I am very keen on the marines and I've been training myself to their standards for the last year or so. But I can't join as an officer, since I only hold an Irish passport. I'm at a crossroads, here are my options:

    1. Join the British army directly as an officer, possibly Royal Irish or Para (though I here the Para's are over subcribed). I could still apply for P company or the commando course if they think I'm fit enough I believe. Would it be possible to transfer from the army to Navy(RM) some time down the line? Or would I lose my rank and start at square one all over again?:?

    2. Join the Royal Marines as a recruit. Apply for the AIB a few years down the line. But I don't know how long I'd have to wait. Do I have to apply for a british passport/citizenship first then apply for AIB?

    I guess I should be asking these questions at the AFCO, but I thought I'd throw it out here and see what info I get.

    Thanks for reading, I'd appreciate any advice:thumright:
  2. Its your career,
    Read all the blurb you can find,
    Make your own decision that way, should you ever feel you are in the wrong place you wont be able to blame someone else for pointing you on the wrong path.
  3. Or you could apply to RM as an officer?? They train with RM commando recruits from what I read.
  4. If you do that be warned you arent guaranteed a tour as Pl Comd on the ground doing the bit in the adverts, if your Bde dont get on the rotation during your Pl Comd stint youll pass go miss out on your 200 squid and disappear into obscurity pretty quick.

    if its time on the ground you want - there is probably only one way to go.
    But you know what you want out of your career, not us, so read the literature and make the decision, we dont know you so cant tell you what will suit your aspirations - bear in mind the recruiting literature is trying to sell you the job, get into a AFCO and ask the questions pertinent to your interests.
  5. If you want to be an Officer, rather than a soldier then apply to join the Army and go for one of the many Commando - roled Units, there is a huge range of them.

    Thats the choice you should focus on - Green beret or not, the biggest difference in roles will be between commissioned and non commissioned entry.

    My advice, from another Paddy, is to tootle up to Belfast and meet the ACA in Palace Barracks. He can help clarify your thinking by explaining the differences, and AFAIK he was Commando Artillery.
  6. howya lad... eh as a lad whos tryed for the Irish cadets and who is goin to try for the Marines in March even tho i have ins on the Irish army i know it can be difficult... i have a similar thread about Irish Army vs Marines.... but one thing thats been pointed by out to me by RGJ is that 1RIFLES have the commando role and are attached to 3 Commando brigade from the Army.... i'm not really sure how the whole choice of brigade works for officers in the brits but it might be something your should have a look at if ur that interested in earnin the green beret....

    but as people have said it is your decision mate and i know how painful it is to hear that as its all people keep sayin to me but ya have to understand that there all completely right..... anyway as another lad has said think about why your want to be in the military and make ur decision on that... Officers and OR's are 2 different lives and army and marines are similarly diff.... just read what ya can, take it all with a touch of salt and make a decision... i decided today after another **** up by a Sgt in the Irish Defence Forces that im just not bothered with them anymore.... to many hams so england here i come

    nah mate thats not possible, yes they do train together (its one of the few regiment's in the world that trains officers and the men they'll be leading together) but as he said they you need a british passport.... its something i looked into as well but i'd rather be a marine recruit than an officer in the army.....

    anyway best of luck with ur decision and pm me and let me know what ya decide.... with any luck we'll end up together trainin in the RM and it'd be nice to have an irish lad to spread the paddy jokes out ta haha :)

  7. Folks, I wasn't really asking anyone to choose my career for me, but thanks for the input.

    I was just a bit confused how transfers work in the british forces...I've been told you can easily transfer between different branches in the IDF..wasn't sure what the story was for the British forces..I came across a similar thread which answerd some of my questions but I'll ask recruiter about it.

    I want to be an officer and I think I'm more suited to be one so I'm pretty set on joining the army; I'll just have to mull it over which reg to join. I'd be interested in The Riffles or Royal Irish. For me the RM seems an unrealistic option.

    I saw your thread but I didnt want to hijack it from ya with my Q! From what I've heard the IDF have pretty much hit rock bottom. You could be the best part of two years or more waiting to get in and they're going to limit their intake of cadets further in their next recruitment.
    I'd be interested to hear how ya get on in the Porthsmoth.
  8. sure make sure ur set to be able to receive PM's and get e-mail notification if ya do and i'll keep ya posted.....

    by the way on the RIRISH vs RIFLES thing..... i was planning on trying RIRISH if god forbid i didnt get the RM but RGJ showed me that... RIRISH are an air assault unit with an infantry role whereas the RIFLES have 5 different areas of expertise from the commando role, to mechanised infantry etc etc etc.... and its possible to switch between the different battalions on promotion or so RGJ says so if you want flexibility which i would want in the Army i'd go RIFLES.... just means if you ever get bored its happy days for a plausable transfer :)
  9. 1 R IRISH are part of 16 Air Aslt Bde so could have a shot at P Coy there.
  10. P coy vs AACC..... only one winner there i'm afraid :p then again i am slightly bias
  11. RM Commando/Officer > Soldier/Officer with AACC pass

  12. they are based with the nods at CTCRM, but do not 'train' with them as such, as they have their own YO course, plus the timing cut off points for some of the commando tests are quicker as well than the nods
  13. it doesn't matter if he wants to do RMC Officers course or which is better or who they train with because fact is... hes not a British citizen so he cant join the RM as an Officer... end of debate
  14. SO why do I know two officers who have done national service with the IrishDF as Toms/Seans and then commissioned.