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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by curtisinteruptus, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. watcher and enjoyer of site for a while now but just joined - can anyone tell me if it isnt classsified the answer to the header question?

    how many people are currently in the british army

    just the army

    i have read variously that as the worlds 28th largest army we stand at over 200,000 and also read that there is as little as 100,010 (bizarre figure)

    also if the latter number is correct what does the list of the top 30 armies acttually look like?

    any comments welcomed.
  2. Its about 100,000 give or take. I'm sure someone will be able to give you the exact figure.

    As for the other 27 Armies larger than the British don't worry about them - Its the quality not the size that matters - just ask your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend
  3. I think 100k is nearer the mark.

    Don't believe its been anywhere near 200k since national service days, but stand to be corrected.
  4. not worried about the other 27 but would like to see something of a correct list - my reason for thee question is a standup routine - celtic v aberdeen once attracted 146,433 ('38 cup final) counted paying crowd - many more believe as high as 170,000 and i was wonderin' where that would put them in the current true armies list

    and wondered if anyone thought about how they would perform compared to the current compliment

    it'd be cheaper for a start as they wouldnt need arming - many more thoughts on how to use the '38 cup final crowd to defeat the taliban but need question answering first.

    in expectation

  5. thats the problem - lists published by wiki & others either lump all the military together and count as 200,000 or so or just dont make sense - if there ARE only 100,000 does it really put us 27th (most lists have us at 28) or are we lower down.

    or are we 28th and all the other figures are wildley over optimistic as well - as i assume at least some of you are forces/ex forces (ive always been quick at picking things up) and by your admission 200,000 hasnt been seen since national service where do we really sit in world order.

    100,000 puts us below peru at 42nd - worried yet or just thankful we aint falling out with the south americans right now?
  6. Are we back to being a "contemptible little army?"
  7. well it would be nice to know if the figures are correct and how they stack up against other the army figures for other countries.

    this is what i think are correct but figures change

    total 100010 of which
    in iraq 5500
    in afganistan 7700
    total overseas troops limited to 10% of 100010 (not including nepals finest)
    total gurkha troops ? C.2000

    i would never call it a contemptable little army but when our world wide strength is barely one and a half times the losses on the first day of the battle of the somme youve gotta ask is it big enough with all the shit going on in the world?

    this thread is well watched but only 6 posts - come on guys.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    The citation refers to this document:

    As at 1 April 2005
    – RN/RM trained strength of 36,320 or 95.1% of overall requirement
    (compared to 96.8% on 1 April 2004);
    – Army trained strength of 102,440 or 98.3% of overall requirement
    (compared to 97.0% on 1 April 2004);
    – RAF trained strength of 49,210 or 101% of overall requirement
    (compared to 98.5% on 1 April 2004);
    • As at 1 April 2005
    – RN/RM Reserve strength of 25,790 of which 22,180 Regular and 3,610 Volunteer;
    – Army Reserve strength of 171,440 of which 134,190 Regular and 37,260 Volunteer;
    – RAF Reserve strength of 36,630 of which 35,160 Regular and 1,480 Volunteer.

  9. Tesco employs more staff than the TA has soldiers, not that's of any help, just a useless factoid.
  10. How would the crowd from that final compare to the current army? I'd imagine not very well as the youngest anyone could be would be about 85. (thats going on a 16yo at the time) I am pretty sure that even the AGC could put together a force to oppose that many geriatrics.
  11. About 6 times more.... and they pay each and every one of them the correct amount of money on time!

    Simply inconceivable for a change in IT systems to have this much impact on payments.
  12. Guess what! Tesco uses Oracle, ie JPA!
    Make of that what you will..
  13. Easy, They know what there fcuking doing with it.

    Old adage - Rubbish In - Rubbish Out
  14. Full time regular trained March 2007 rounded to the nearest thousand (what's a thousand between friends):

    Royal Navy: 32000 including about 3000 Royal Marines
    Army 98000
    RAF: just reduced to about 31000

    Have no link, I just happen to have read this at work on Monday.