British Army Motoring Association killed by SDSR

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. That's it. Funding ceased!
  2. Sorry just been telephoned and whilst almost true the real situation is:


    1. There has been much speculation about the future of BAFMA – we haven’t said much officially because we hadn’t finished with the fighting.

    2. We have now lost our status as a training activity and will become an Army Recognised Sport.

    3. If and when this happens (probably soon) the future will look like this.

    4. Land Rover Events i.e. Navex

    5. This will be the hardest hit – simply because Military Vehicles cant be used for sport.

    6. Events will continue to be run but using privately (i.e. own) vehicles – 12 Car Road Navigation event, Treasure Hunts, Off Road Trials and any other 4 wheeled discipline which has sufficient support.

    7. There is reason for great optimism here – we will be free of some of the restrictions previously placed upon us, we can welcome lots of new members and welcome back some old hands – in any case, we have a ready supply of experienced organisers and friends.

    8. Rally Team

    9. The Team Director has a cunning plan which if successful will enable the team to carry on much as at present using the existing vehicles transferred to civilian ownership.

    10. Motorcycling

    11. It has been recognised for a while that as the Army don’t use bikes, our time as a training activity was short. This has come to pass but we will continue as a sport.

    a. Immediately, the Army Championships will continue – at Longmoor 4 Sept 10 – see website for entry details.

    b. The Army entry in ISDE 10 is withdrawn on ground of cost.

    c. There will be an Army Team in SSDT 11 with outside funding.

    d. Army participation in British Enduro Championship, Welsh 2 Days etc shall continue as before under arrangements of Corps, teams and individuals.

    e. There is no immediate prospect of Enduring Help running again.

    12. Other Effects

    13. The BAFMA Secretary post will go – no more Uncle Bob – he will be given the Heave Ho (a very big heave required) after 46 years service.

    14. We hope to become a Recognised Sport quickly – this allows us to have access to a number of funding lines and travel funding to and from events.

    15. For anyone taking part in any BAMA event, participation must be recorded on the participant’s Unit Part 1 Orders before the start of the activity.

    16. The name of the new (sporting) organisation will be British Army Motorsports Association (BAMA)
  3. And the issue with that is...?

    The money has to be cut from somewhere. In case you hadn't noticed we, as a nation, are good as broke. Is the BAMA of vital importance, or is it just for a bit of fun?
  4. Miaow!

    Would have thought driving skills had some relevance in this 'ere person's Army....
  5. No, you are right it has to come from somewhere and BAMA/BAFMA has been under threat for years, but it is shame nonetheless as it was another avenue for recreation within the forces that has had to be revised. Actually I think that the demise of BAMA really started when the Berlin wall came down and FTXs stopped happening in Germany. Prior to that it was always possible to get access to large tracts of land, forestry and lanes to enable realistic 3 Day events to take place that were both good training and good fun.
  6. I remeber beign in Catterick Barrack on a course back in the 80's when Magnum Spirit was being held from there. It was like the Cannonball Run but in green. It's a shame that challenging events such as these have\had to go :(
  7. True enough Magnum was a hardcore event, but sepecially so in the BAOR days when it lasted 3 days of which only about 10 hours were spent sleeping (often in your vehicle) and involved driving what seemed like a 1000 miles, with lots of sneaky letter boards tucked around tree or in laybys.
  8. We know what you do in lay bys Frog!!
  9. Yes it is a loss to both training and enjoyment but we were always a soft target and the accountants have finally scored a hit. I attended the 50th Anniversary Dinner at Aldershot at the weekend where members,young and not so young, of BAMA/BAFMA and AMCA congregated to say farewell to the BAFMA Secretary who is "retiring" and to mark the "huge contribution to offset the national deficit." Believe me, it was a great send off and the feeling was that the 'sport' will not be allowed to just fade away. To all those I missed on Sunday morning, you must have been pressing your kit........Take care and help keep the spirit alive!!
  10. It is probably a bit of fun to those who do it (I don't). But I thought the army was meant to be fun - it was one of the recruiting ploys used on me - a job with excitment, fun and adventure!!!

    I don't think we would get too many recruits if we advertised a job that had no fun in it at all
  11. Exactly what Al P said!
  12. Who is in charge of BAMA... have they a website etc? I'd like to contribute...
  13. Yeah fair do's. Next we'll be paying soldiers to sit around reading Take a Break while they recover from chopping their cocks off.
  14. Next events:

    MUDMASTER - Central Scotland 8-9 Oct 11; for more details see attached; Supplementary Regs available by e mailing:

    ROADMASTER - LONGMOOR TRG AREA 18 DEC 11 - google "armymotorsports"


    Let me know if you want to get involved.


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  15. CBM

    Get your arse up to Dunfermline for MM11!