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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jonathan Saunders, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. I have a trophy won by a relative, Tony Skellett, who came First in the 3 Ton Class.

    I was hoping someone could tell me what the competition in the 3 Ton Class entailed back then.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jonathan Saunders
  2. The Army Driving Championship took place from the 17th to the 21st of October 1960. It was the first test organised by the then new British Army Motoring Association.
    The route took in 1,200 miles of timed regularity runs, on- and off-road work and manoeuvering tests, from Bedford back to Bedford via Sennybridge, Carlisle, Otterburn and Catterick.
    Teams from York, Oswestry, Aldershot, Blandford and Colchester took part.
    The two types of vehicles involved were 1/4-tonners (65 Austin Champs and 58 Land Rovers) and 58 3-tonners, predominantly Bedfords (QLs and RLs). The 3-tonners all had to carry 2 1/2 tons of sand in the back packed into ammunition boxes.
    The winner in the 3-ton driving, for The Vauxhall Motors Trophy, was Craftsman Machin from R.E.M.E. Arborfield, driving an RL, 2nd was Gunner Teague, 18 Field Regt. R.A. also in an RL and 3rd, Private English from 1 East Anglian Regt., again in an RL; so I would imagine your relative was one of the team that won a Command Award of which there were 6, one each for Eastern Command, (winning team, 1 Royal West Kents): Southern, (22 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt. R.A.): Northern, (4th/7th Dragoon Guards): Western, (27 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt. R.A.): Scottish, (170 Provost Coy.): BAOR, (14 Tps. Col. RASC.)
    There was also an award from RoSPA which was won by 9 Company. RASC. And even a women's trophy, the 'Coup des Dames' won by 71 Ind.Coy. WRAC.
    I'm researching Austin Champs and came across this almost by accident. Any info on /photos of Champs very welcomed.
    I don't know whether the event was organised every year and unfortunately I only have information on the October 1960 one.
    Hope it helps.
  3. They didn't call him "Fingers" Skellett for nothing.