British Army Mission Statement

Anyone got any views on what the "vision" statement for the Army should be? All ideas welcome!

So far:

"It's all arrse"
"Kill The Queen's enemies"
"Defend UK Interests and defeat its enemies"
"Be the best land component army in the world"...
The British Army: Coming to an African country near you, SOON!
(Only on Sky News)

Army.... Be the best (before labour cuts your regiments in half!!)8O

agent smith
The British Army in the 21st Century..... Do more and more with less and less!
"Join the British Army and learn how to scrounge ammo & equipment from the Spams"
"British Army: striving to maintain the place of the bayonet in modern warfare"
"Under paid, under equipped, and over there"
Has to be the old classic
"Army be depressed"
or even
"Army if only you had tried harder at school"
"Army get patronised by the Sun"
The British Army: Trained in Europe, dressed for the jungle, fighting in the desert.

Army be a pest
Multi purpose mission statement:

The purpose of the army is to (fight/help/burn) the countries (enemies/fires/cows/flab/moral dereliction) in order to (win/bring peace to/knock crap out of) the (war/election/enemy/french)

(enemy and french are interchangeable)
"Join the Navy and see the world, Join the Army and clean it."

"Join the army and get shouted at all day for sod all money. then go to war for the same politicians that stab you in the back at every given chance, and wont give you the kit you need to do their dirty work. Then get shot in the stomach, because you had no body armour, and die cold and alone in the armpit of the world."

That should have the recruits pouring in ;)
Infantary: Because the bean counters' budget is more important than your life...
Naval Artilliery: Shout Bang!
Royal Armoured Corps: Outsourcing combat tank maintenance to the other RAC
Army: Because cold, wet & miserable is an equally valid lifestyle choice
Do you mean something like this?"

Edit:I give up trying to post the image directly.
army, the worlds sexual deviants.
nah, thats the role of the navy and the crabs!! :twisted:

agent smith