British Army Medical Daysack / Rucksack – PLCE

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by lucille, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. The stores?
  2. My mate Ellis was looking to sell one recently, I'll ask him.
  3. Steal one like the chap selling the one on ebay did.
  4. £90 for a used DPM daysack? I'll have some of whatever he's had!
  5. All the cool kids are in MTP / Multicam 2012-05-13 18.25.48.jpg 2012-05-13 18.26.22.jpg 2012-05-13 18.27.22.jpg 2012-05-13 18.26.38.jpg 2012-04-29 18.07.19.jpg
    Bag valve and mask fit nicely in the top pocket as well as the turkey baster ,Igel LMA in the front pocket or trauma kit.
    Side pockets hold 1x1 ltr IV fluids possibly fit 2 in each.

    You can also zip on side pouches with fluids in pocket. The internal has 4 off Velcro pouches and a removable semi rigid panel for needles ,syringes and ampoules .
    No photos of the internals as it was a UOR for OP portaloo security.
    But similar to this medpack5.JPG
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  6. It's perfect. I want one badly.
  7. £150 posted .........still interested ?
  8. 100 and it's a done deal.
  9. No can do im afraid ,happy hunting :)
  10. Bloody hell it's massive. Settled for a bowman daysack in the end! Twenty bloody quid it was.
  11. Anyone got an NSN lol
  12. You should try something more fitting to your role and one always at hand when you need it.


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  13. Go **** yourself. Penis.