British Army Martial Arts?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Check23, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I was researching what sports the British Army offers, and I can't find one in particular which I have a very keen interest in. I've my ADSC in 3 weeks, I'm looking to definitely join the Infantry, which already is physically demanding, so my other part to the question is... will I be able to take say 1 or 2 sports seriously?

    And the sport I wanted to ask about is Kung Fu. Do they have a segment based for it, or .. not? I can't seem to find anything on it, and I was told that the list is vast. Anybody help me out?

    Thanks very much.
  2. You can do Judo or boxing but I am unaware of Kung Fu as a regimental sport.
  3. You can also do Karate - in fact the Army team was fighting last week and the Combined Services is coming up shortly.
  4. What about kick boxing, do they do that?
  5. Are the sports compulsary? My front two teeth are fake, so i'd prefer not to get punched in the face countless times incase they break off.
  6. Look sunshine, I've kept my mouth shut when you were giving serving soldiers relationship advice and telling everyone about army life.

    You are not in the fcuking army.

    How the fcuk would you be aware if it was a regimental sport you space chicken?

    You've got an opinion like everyone else but FFS sake stop dishing out advice about the fcuking army!
  7. Thanks guys for the info, some extra martial arts I didn't know they did there, alot for me to read up on, and I may possibly choose one of those if I successfuly get in. One step at a time and all. :p

    (I know I keep going on about it...sorry) I've also heard that there will be opportunites for being put onto sports/courses that are subsidized, have people done this before?

    Thanks again. :D
  8. Hello mate,

    If you've ever thought about Judo that's a pretty popular sport within the Army.

    Good phys too!

  9. So are these sports compulsary?
  10. I go to Krav Maga classes twice a week, and boxing once a week - went to a judo class last weekend and got soundly beaten up / dropped on my head by a girl.

    Everybody should give judo a go.

  11. Was she fit?
  12. Fitter than him by the sound of it...

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. calm down detonator. I am very open about not being in the army yet. But that does not mean I do not know what I am talking about . What I do know of the army is based on my families very strong and established ties to the army (and the experience of being raised in that environment) as well as an interest in military issues combined with what I have learned on this site.
    For some reason you have a deep seated problem with me, what is it? Also have the courtesy to address my via PM as opposed to "trying" to embarass me in public. Would you rather I pretend to be in the army and walt? I have never claimed to be currently serving.
  14. Check23,

    There are numerous sports that are played within the services. Different sports are put in to different categories which determine what level of funding they attract and whether you arel classed as ‘on duty sports’. For example squash is classed as a ‘synopsis’ sport and public money can be spent on facilities such as squash courts and travel expenses.

    Turning to your specific question: Judo and Martial Arts are ‘Recognised sports’ which is just one level down from synopsis sport. The recognised Martial Arts disciplines are: WTF and ITF Taekwondo, Karate, Weapons Kata and Kendo.

    Just because a sport is classed as synopsis, recognised or approved does not mean that ever unit will have a team or a club. A lot depends on luck of the draw and you might find yourself in a Bn that just happens to have a martial art coach who volunteers to run Bn training.

    My advice would be to try your hand at boxing for the following reasons:
    a. its very good physical training.
    b. it’s a popular sport in the Infantry are your Bn is likely to have a team and a coach.
    c. It teaches you discipline and self confidence.
    d. You will earn buckets full of respect from the entire Bn by just getting in the ring at a Bn boxing night (even if you get KO in the 1st round)
  15. Just my two cents - judo is great fun, but Christ the injuries. I lasted a month....Most of the club were held together with strapping and tape.