British Army launches interactive recruitment drive

LONDON - The British Army is putting out a TV and online campaign encouraging potential recruits to think about how they would tackle the type of challenges faced by soldiers.

Four different executions for the 'Start Thinking Soldier' campaign will each show a different mission from the first person perspective of an army recruit.

The first ad breaks on Channel 4 tonight (Monday). It is set in an explosives factory in the desert. As the viewer approaches the factory they are given the options: to burst in through the doors, to carry out an air strike or to blow a hole in the wall.

As the viewer approaches the situation they are asked to decide "What would you do?" as a voice-over states: "Show us your Army skills…Start Thinking Soldier. Online".

At the end the viewer is directed to where they can decide how they would conclude the mission. They are then given immediate feedback on their choice.

Once online they can also take part in a range of challenges covering observation, problem solving, intelligence, memory, navigation and awareness. Again each will result in detailed feedback on the respondent's performance, strengths and weaknesses.

The TV ads, which were created by Publicis with the online games created by its in-house digital division Publicis Modem, will run over a four-month period and each will bring to life one of four key areas of army expertise including teamwork, decision-making, leadership and fitness and mental sharpness.

Lieutenant Colonel Eilean Cunningham of the army's national recruiting group, said: "Each year the army needs to recruit approximately 15,000 quality soldiers and in order to do so we must forever look to exciting and innovative new ways to engage with our target recruiting base.

"Start Thinking Soldier is a more discreet and personal way for people to test their army skills and receive invaluable personal insights, whether or not they are considering a career in the army.

"Start Thinking Soldier reflects our army training which focuses on the individual, bringing people’s strengths to the fore and providing world class training to help to develop their potential."

Excellent :D What would you do?

Personally I'd drop an engineer into the base , stealthy like ,couple of gun turrets, then start churning out Mammoth tanks. I got a present for ya.. oh yes :)

Why can't we have a British Army version version of ArmA as a free download, as per America's Army?

Nothing on the Army website as yet though :(


Wonder what feedback I'd get if I opted for "nuke it!" :D

Excellent idea though and will appeal to the gaming generation.


I think Army need to get a graphic link on the front page most soonest if it's airing tonight then?


War Hero
Did anyone else get a lovely little card through the door this morning? I did so I knew the door was booby trapped before I even started!
Not quite sure why their trying to recruit me though... what with a confirmed place at Sandhurst ho hum.
I elected "Blow hole in wall" as I get to wreck stuff personally :)

Now it's slowed down to a crawl, or is it just my connection?

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