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I am a ACF cadet sergeant and my cadets have recently started to be issued combat jackets that say 'Woodland pattern camo' and not the usual 'jacket, field DPM'. Is this the new british army kit, i ask this becuase my friend recently joined the Army foundation college and has been issued the same sort of stuff, i believe this to be moody kit.

So is it moody or not that is the question.
Mostprobably a new name for it..... you never know!

Apart from which I thought all we wore now was desert kit!?
Polar i mean moody as in not real.

These combat jackets are not even rip stop. I bet my mate that they are moody and i just hope to god im right.
they are the new style combat jacket i think. do they come with a union jack sewn onto to the upper left arm?
I thought they where a stop gap measure until all the soldier 2000 stuff got issued. But I have seen a lot unit especially cadet getting issued it.
Woodland is the new term for the old Temperate DPM - Only the boffins will know why.
Universal Term DPM is reference to the type of Pattern (as it says on the can Disruptive Pattern Material i/o plain green etc) it was mixed in three colours the old Yellow, Green and Brown stuff but since Iraq the same Pattern is now available in Gucci Beige, Fawn and Brown. So now we have Woodland and Desert to highlight the difference in colours so I understand.

As for RIPSTOP this is now out of Vogue and has been replaced with a Windproof material - oops you just lost your bet mate!

Bollocks, cant believe it. The term woodland just makes us sound more like the yanks with there 28 million differant types of camouflage.

Soldier 5, yes they do already have the flash sewn on.

why has ripstop not being issued anymore ?
Well we are the 53rd State of America are we not - so why not say Woodland? means the Americans now understand our labelling! As for chioce of name well Boffins over to you on that one!
Windproof was felt to be better than RIPSTOP I guess, neither really does what it says on the can! - Those ripstop trousers just proved too expensive for general issue - now the surplus stores are full of them so someone ordered some! - still thats life.
I can see the benefits i suppose, but still dont like it.

Gonna have to get myself one of those jackets now, just to have the latest kit. Still keeping my ripstop one though.
We will all get them through natural turnover - then eventually in 10 years time we will all look uniform once again.
RSM's are going to have a fit on uniformity for any type of parade!
Still we went through the same 20 years agin from the old double lines jackets to the cheap 80's crap (bulgy pockets with too small entrance to fit anything in them) - still thats the circle of life we were about due for a kit change once again - I hear belts working Green Plastic are coming back with lightweights too - that should be interesting!
Not trying to nit pick, but I was away this weekend and saw quite a few cadets with UJ's (and a few bleu-red-blue Gds DZ patches!) on their arms...and I do believe this is not supposed to be done. Not to bothered myself, just thought you should keep it in mind, as it could cause you some agro if all your lot have got them on and a Queen's Reg's boffin spots you.

Union Flags (just nit picking myself the 'Jack' is reference to the flag pole and we don't have those on the jackets :) were originally issued for the individual to put on themselves. This proved to be a debarcle as most of us could not sew - unit budgets could not afford the tailoring costs so now these at least I believe are added at source by the contractors - they probabaly care not who gets the end product hence cadets are now getting their smocks UJ'd up too. as for DZ flashes???
Becuase the jackets come with the flashes already sewn on some cadet units/regiments/sectors dont take them off. I always make sure i always take off the flashes from my cadets jackets.

Can someone clear up the actual ruling on the flashes on the arm for cadets.
Cadets are not allowed to wear flashes on there uniform so that can be seperate from real soldiers. But I was recently asking why a cadet had not taken off their flashes and apparently their AIs had told them to keep them on. Plus if they are suppose to wear them at least get them to them off and sew them on in the right bloody place.
It is now required for cadets to wear UJ's on their arms, (ussually on brassards), and it is being phased in; hence why some do, and some don't.
As for DZ flashes, it's just cadets being silly (waltish some might say)...and instructors should stop it.

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