British Army Killings

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Al-the-Gee 1698, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Knob.
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  2. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Sorry mate, but that is BullSh*T.

    I know it's the Int cell but i must do the honorable thing and tell you to **** off. .
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  3. I've given it a brief proof read, and found at least 4 glaringly obvious mistakes. Meh, but what do I know?

    I love the old photo of the FRU lads/ladies. The stripey at the back has an amazing mullet, and reminds me of the one of Sharpes men from the TV series. I bet he was humming "over the hills and far away" whilst that was taken.
  4. I started reading until I saw a photo on the side that said 'Arrest Blair for crimes against Peace'.

    Now I agree that Blair is a Class 1 helmet, but crimes against peace? Do **** off, hippie twats.

    Edit: 'Wear your poppy with shame'. Indeed I will not, ******* *********.
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  5. Grow the **** up.
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  6. Thanks for your constructive criticism.

    I thought this might interest the served members amongst us here, the intelligent ones who view both sides of the coin.

    Obviously counts you out you dim ****.
  7. Who wrote it - Slab Murphy, George Galloway or the Communist Party of Great Britain?

    It does make me laugh, all these people who so fear the thought of any form of physical pain and discomfort, who know they are nothing but inadequate as human beings and a streak of Cowardice the size of the M25; yet pretend that their whining about those braver and better than them is not spite and jealousy but a higher calling.

    Psychologically they should simply spend the money they spend on their web site on being tied up and Dominated by hookers who will tell them what pathetic worms they are. It would be cathartic for them, and might enable them to get an erection for the first time.
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  8. He's been on here a number of times. First he owned Web Europe, which then turned into Pumpkin Media after the shit storm.

    I think he's also been warned about using the combined forces coat of arms, (or whatever it's called).

    Yep, the blokes a ****.
  9. We have the same shit here, a guy ran a few websites at the same time

    Fuckthetroops & Forsakethetroops

    Turned out to have been booted out of basic training after a week. IIRC someone tracked him down and gave him a shoing
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  10. Okay,given it was your OP,why don't you give us the benefit of your constructive criticism,or are you a 'fisherman'?
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