British Army Killings



I've given it a brief proof read, and found at least 4 glaringly obvious mistakes. Meh, but what do I know?

I love the old photo of the FRU lads/ladies. The stripey at the back has an amazing mullet, and reminds me of the one of Sharpes men from the TV series. I bet he was humming "over the hills and far away" whilst that was taken.
I started reading until I saw a photo on the side that said 'Arrest Blair for crimes against Peace'.

Now I agree that Blair is a Class 1 helmet, but crimes against peace? Do **** off, hippie twats.

Edit: 'Wear your poppy with shame'. Indeed I will not, ******* *********.


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Came across this site today, an interesting read for good discussion:
Who wrote it - Slab Murphy, George Galloway or the Communist Party of Great Britain?

It does make me laugh, all these people who so fear the thought of any form of physical pain and discomfort, who know they are nothing but inadequate as human beings and a streak of Cowardice the size of the M25; yet pretend that their whining about those braver and better than them is not spite and jealousy but a higher calling.

Psychologically they should simply spend the money they spend on their web site on being tied up and Dominated by hookers who will tell them what pathetic worms they are. It would be cathartic for them, and might enable them to get an erection for the first time.
We have the same shit here, a guy ran a few websites at the same time

Fuckthetroops & Forsakethetroops

Turned out to have been booted out of basic training after a week. IIRC someone tracked him down and gave him a shoing
Thanks for your constructive criticism.

I thought this might interest the served members amongst us here, the intelligent ones who view both sides of the coin.

Obviously counts you out you dim ****.

Okay,given it was your OP,why don't you give us the benefit of your constructive criticism,or are you a 'fisherman'?
I'm sure the Army isn't as clean as a whistle and those figures, even if every single one were true, are quite a low number considering the time frame. When you consider the length of time Ops were going on, the number of troops involved and the level of aggression/atrocity suffered by troops then we acquitted ourselves far better than the indigenous population did. The RA hardly have a proud record by any sane or sensible reckoning.
I thought the entire point of the British Army was to kill people?
If I could read it, I'd feel obliged, but it won't come through the firewall here. If it's the same **** I'm thinking of who appeared on Arrse a few years back, 'outing' some who served in NI in the late 80s, I'm amazed he's still around. In terms of OPSEC, surely there’s a law? The same one that stops the press showing picture of Kate's noo noo?

Is that constructive enough?
This website has been around for ages. It is clearly bollocks and badly written, unfortunately as I recall, they use the army insignia on the website which might wrongly make it look somewhat official. Sadly, in truth it is the rantings of a moron with little or no hard fact and even less actual evidence.

I seem to recall that the general theme of the website is all about accusing the army of various unlikely crimes against humanity in Northern Ireland and then in Iraq and virtually everywhere else it has ever been deployed. Anybody who has any experience of the way the army works will see through the accusations immediately, but I suppose a very gullible and lifelong civilian might fall for it. I believe the guy who writes the website is somewhat of an Irish republican, hence his penchant for having a go at the Brits in general and the army in particular.
From the website:

"British Army Logo

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From: DGDC DIPR-CTML(Shea, Christopher)
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 11:53 AM
Subject: Use of the British Army Badge

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you on behalf of the British Army. I should be grateful if you would remove the British Army’s badge from your website British Army Killings in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan - British Army Killings (that is, the badge comprising the Crown, a lion and two crossed swords).
The badge is protected by a number of forms of intellectual property right, including copyright and trade mark rights. Consequently it cannot be used without the Army’s permission, which in this case has not been granted. Please would you confirm how long it will take you to do this.
Yours faithfully,
Chris Shea
Christopher Shea
Trade Mark Attorney.
MOD Copyright, Trade Marks and Licensing
Defence Intellectual Property Rights
MOD Abbey Wood South #2218
Bristol BS34 8JH
Tel: 030 6793 2861
Fax: 0117 913 2929
From: British Army Killings
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 5:14 PM
To: DGDC DIPR-CTML(Shea, Christopher)
Subject: Re: Use of the British Army Badge

Dear Mr Shea, I’m encouraged that the British Army has taken an interest in our website, and hope that the content of the website has aroused as much interest with your superiors, as our use of the British Army logo has.

I’ll be quite willing to respect the British Army’s entitlement to the use of the British Army logo, providing the British Army undertakes to respect national and international law in regards to the treatment of prisoners of war, and the unlawful killing of unarmed civilians.

I would appreciate if you could relay this offer to your superiors in Whitehall, and look forward to your reply.


Karl Winn"

Self-important cock. The MoD reply is not shown...

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