British Army issued clasp knife- circula 1980s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by hantsbloke, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. I was issued this in the TA in 1980, I did not have the bit for removing things fron horse's hooves, :oops: anybody have any more info re this bit of issued kit?

    Yes I am bored! :roll:
  2. Yes £25 as advertised on this very site!
  3. I sold a couple of these on eBay last year. Both were brand new in their original boxes and both made over £30. Proceeds went to the poppy appeal.
  4. I did not get mine in a box, well I don't think I did, not worried about selling it, unless for a good cause.

    I was only after any info about it!
  5. Or undoing tight knots and lashings for the non-equestrians amongst us..

    I had my clasp knife nicked and following a whinge to a friend, was issued with a Leatherman Core in it's place. By God it doesnt half weigh some on your belt!

    Still miss my Clasp knife though. And no.. I dont want to swap the Multitool for a Clasp knife...
  6. The clasp Knife I was issued in the 80's had a date on it 1956 and covered in sticky grease. We were told bicester was clearing crap from it's shelves and everyone got one but not issued just handed out. Mine is in my toolbox somewhere.
  7. Mine was issued in 1972 (TA) complete with thing for sticking pigs with, and it's been one of the more useful things I've ever owned ever since.
  8. I recon if you stuck a boar with the marlin spike from the old army issue knife you would be in a world of hurt. It would not even get through the fat layer.

    The spike is for jaming in to a Knot to lever the ropes apart. some say it is for cleaning out the hooves of horses, it could be used for that but it is to pointed and you run the risk of making the horse lame if you sliped with it. for cleaning horses hoofs you use a tool with a tip more like a flat pointed screw driver.

  9. I know a few bores that would squeal if I stabbed them with my early (1953) clasp knife.
    However the Boar I stabbed in the grinner on Munsterlager was not impressed and promptly dispersed from the swill bin area. (tawtting it on the head with the pick helve just annoyed it).
  10. Sooooo you admit to being a serial pig sticker then 8O
  11. The spike is for taking "horses hooves out of BOY SCOUTS":twisted:
  12. They actually spawned a mini PRI industry at a certain signal squadron in 1980. You could buy a small lanyard and belt pouch for a few dm's (and heaven help those that didn't) thus being part of the distinguished clasp knife wearing old sweats on stables each morning. Useful for slicing a certain troop staffies dodgy rolls to put the bockies in on range days though.
  13. I thought the spike thing was for killing babies with.......very effective.
  14. Could be. You the filth? I know nothing.
  15. One of the most useful things that I came out of the mob with was a compo can opener.