British Army Health Questionnaire?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by iUser, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Pretty simple problem just not an easy solution; I've taken my questionnaire into my GP and after 3 months of hearing nothing (I did chase them) they've told me "We can't sign it as you've not been at this doctors for a minimum of 6 months." which is stupid tbh.

    Anyway being TA will ADSC accept me going to Arborfield Garrison Medical Centre and getting the MO give me a once over and sign it clearing me off? (its where I have had my last 2 medicals, signed on my F-MED) I am just wanting to make my application as smooth as possible as I am sure I can get an A at ADSC just need the medical documents. And ADSC are asking for me to send my F-MED to them aswell?
  2. Are they letting deaf people join now?
  3. Wait until you've been at that Doctors 6 months?
  4. IIRC, when he was SoS for Defence, Geoff Hoon gave a speech to the SAS telling them that they should be more inclusive and start accepting women and disabled people. Perhaps he'd been watching Ultimate Farce.
  5. Well I am not allowed on ADSC if I don't get the paperwork back and I don't really wish to wait another 3 months just to go on ADSC and delay my entry to going ATR Bassingbourne
  6. Bit impatient aren't you? Not a long wait in reality.
  7. Wouldn't say impatient just want to get from the TA to the Regs in the shortest time possible? And there is an ATR entry coming up soon which if I get an A grade I'll be getting on it, quicker I get basic done the quicker I can go for Phase 2 ect ect ect.
  8. You shouldn't have to wait six months as it normally only takes around 4-6 weeks for your med docs to be transferred from your old GP to your new GP (via NHS I believe Jarrod??) Once at your new GP all they need to do on your RG8 is transfer your records onto the RG8 and verify your answers, sometimes best to sit in front of them so they can ask you any questions. Ive had at least a dozen applicants (regular) who have moved GPs in last few years and all been dealt with swiftly on changing GPs so Id go back in polite and ask them again. Regarding old RG8s from TA Med and FMED speak to the Med Centre explain your applying for Regs and liase with your Recruiter to get them sent to the ADSC Med Centre your going to do ADSC at. Speak to your ACIO for more advice.
  9. And learn how to correctly spell the name of the ATR you are looking to attend.........
  10. The records are transferred almost straight away electronically most of the time now. I took it that this persons GP was refusing to sign as it was a new patient.
  11. Heid your alive mate..............stop being a Spelling Nazi in your old age....IM sent