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Discussion in 'Officers' started by CaptainBlackadder, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Rumour has it that the Electronic Battle Box is available online. As sceptical as I am that this is the case, does anyone know if this is true or false?

    Thanks - Capt B
  2. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    Try Note: This is an RLI (Restrcted LAN Interconnect) address, accessible on the military network only.

    The following post is at

    In case it's of interest, here's "something I prepared earlier", slightly amended for presentation online. I don't think that the list of publications itself is restricted - if anyone disagrees, please feel free have the posting deleted (I'm on a course for the next few weeks, so won't be able to myself).



    1. The British Army Electronic Battle Box (The ?Battle Box?) consists of, primarily, the published output of the Directorate General of Development and Doctrine (DGD&D) and the Arms and Service Directorates (A&SD). A number of relevant publications are also included from other sources, such as the Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre (JDCC), NATO and ABCA. This makes it an invaluable source of reference for units and formations that may be unsure about the amendment status of their publications. In addition, the Battle Box website contains all the individual amendments to DGD&D publications and some from the Arms and Services, allowing users to print them off and update their paper copies.

    2. The intention is to produce an operational reference library or 'electronic battle box' containing every operational publication of an All-Arms nature, thereby reducing the volume of paper which has to be taken on deployment. While electronic documents can never completely take the place of paper versions, they do present opportunities for some reduction in conventional printing, and provide up-to-date information (hard copies are frequently not updated).


    3. The Battle Box is distributed in two ways:

    • a. Website. Available over the RLI, this site will continue to develop with the publication of new documents and any amendments. This site is now the authority for all published documents and the latest versions and any amendments will be published here. The address is: Note: This is an RLI (Restrcted LAN Interconnect) address, accessible on the military network only.

      b. CD-ROM Set. The Electronic Battle Box CD-ROM set will continue to be published annually as a snapshot of the information held on the website. Edition 7 is the current version, and covers the period Jan - Dec 04. It is intended that the CD-ROM will continue to be produced in large numbers for the foreseeable future. However, with the growth in defence IT network connectivity, it is eventually hoped to scale down CD-ROM production as documents are placed on a central web-server. This will allow greater access to the most up to date versions.

    4. Edition 7 of the Battle Box CD set replaces Edition 6 of the CD-ROM, and contain 7 discs. The production run produced 2000 sets of 7 disks for distribution to major units, formations, some HQs and a variety of training establishments. Additional single disks will be produced and will be available on demand from AO Publications, DGD&D. Queries regarding the scaling, distribution and requests for additional copies of the CD-ROM should be directed to AO Publications DGD&D, Mrs G Williams: Note: Some contact info deleted for internet online version of this document.

    • a. Wednesdays. Tel: 94344 5057. Fax: 94344 5202.

      b. CASH E-mail. DGDD-DOC AO PUBS.


    7. The British Army Electronic Battle Box is a tremendously useful resource. Officers and SNCOs should be familiar with it, in order that they are aware what information is available to assist them during courses, training and operations.


    Land Doctrine
    Army Doctrine Publications
    British Military Doctrine (BMD)
    ADP Vol 1 - Operations
    ADP Vol 2 - Command
    ADP Vol 3 - Logistics
    Medical Supplement
    ADP Vol 4 - Training
    ADP Vol 5 - Soldiering
    The Application of Force
    Serve to Lead
    Land Operations
    Army Field Manual
    Volume One - Combined Arms Operations
    Part 1 - Formation Tactics (Provisional)
    Part 2 - Battlegroup Tactics
    Part 3 - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
    Part 4 - Countersurveillance, OPSEC and Deception
    Part 5 - Operations in NBC Conditions
    Part 6 - Combat Service Support
    Part 7 - Training for Operations
    Part 8 - Command and Staff Procedures
    Part 9 - Tactical Guidance for Operations Other Than War (OOTW)
    Part 10 - Counter Insurgency Operations
    Volume Two - Operations in Specific Environments
    Part 1 - Mountain Operations
    Part 2 - Tropical Operations
    Part 3 - Desert Operations
    Part 4 - Cold Weather Operations
    Part 5 - Urban Operations
    Part 6 Operations in Woods and Forests
    Land Component Handbooks
    Staff Officers' Handbook
    Formation SOPs
    Unit SOPs
    Reports and Returns
    Terrain - Situation Analysis
    Acronyms, Abbreviations, Glossary of Terms and Symbology
    Doctrinal Notes
    Voice Communications Procedures
    Radio Telegraph Procedures
    Enemy Forces
    Military Support Operations in the United Kingdom
    Aides Memoire and Pocket Books
    Aides Memoire
    All Arms Tactical Aide Memoire (AATAM)
    AFV Commander's Battle Book
    Pocket Books
    RAC Armoured & Reconnaissance
    Int Corps
    A Commander's Guide to Army Publications, Books, Forms and Distribution Listings
    Soldier's Guide to the Law of Armed Conflict
    Personal Safety and Survival Guides

    Individual Training Publications
    Individual Training Directives (Army) (Jan 03)
    Officer Career Development

    UK Joint Warfare Publications
    JWP 0-01 British Defence Doctrine (2nd Ed)
    JWP 0-01.1 UK Glossary of Joint and Multinational Terms and Definitions (5th Ed)
    JWP 0-10 UK Doctrine for Joint and Multinational Operations (UKOPSDOC) (2nd Ed)
    JWP 1-10 Prisoners of War Handling
    JWP 2-00 Intelligence Support to Joint Operations (2nd Ed)
    JWP 3-00 Joint Operations
    JWP 3-24.1 Use of Helicopters in Land Operations - UK Supplement to ATP-49(C)
    JWP 3-34.1 Airspace Control for Joint Operations
    JWP 3-45 Media Operations
    JWP 3-50 Peace Support Operations
    JWP 3-51 Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations
    JWP 3-52 Humanitarian/Disaster Relief Operations
    JWP 3-61 NBC Defence in Joint Operations
    JWP 3-61.1 Joint NBC Defence
    JWP 3-61.1.1 Joint Manual of NBC Defence
    JWP 3-63 Joint Air Defence
    JWP 3-66 Joint Personnel Recovery
    JWP 3-80 Information Operations
    JWP 4-00 Logistics for Joint Operations (2nd Ed)
    JWP 4-03 Joint Medical Doctrine
    JWP 4-05 Infrastructure Management on Joint Operations
    JWP 6-00 CIS Support to Joint Operations (2nd Ed)
    Joint Doctrine Pamphlets:
    JDP 1/98 Joint Force Air Component Commander
    JDP 2/98 Deception
    JDP 3/98 Operations Security
    JDP 1/99 Force Protection in Joint Operations
    JDP 2/01 Real-time Exchange of Tactical Data
    JDP 3/01 Welfare Support for Joint Operations
    JDP 4/01 Contractors on Deployed Operations (CONDO)
    JDP 1/02 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    JDP 2/02 Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal

    Selected NATO & Coalition Publications
    MC 324/1 The NATO Military Command Structure
    AINTP1 Intelligence Doctrine Edn 2
    AJP-01(B) Allied Joint Doctrine
    AJP-2.1 Intelligence Procedures
    AJP-2.2 Counter-Intelligence and Security Operations
    AJP-2.5 Handling of Captured Personnel, Equipment & Documents
    AJP-3 Allied Joint Operations
    AJP-3.3 Joint Air and Space Operations Doctrine (Ch1)
    AJP-3.4.1 Peace Support Operations
    AJP-3.6 Allied Joint Electronic Warfare Doctrine
    AJP-3.7 NATO Psychological Operations Doctrine
    AJP-3.8 Allied Joint Doctrine for NBC Defence
    AJP-4 Allied Joint Logistic Doctrine
    AJP-4.4 Allied Joint Movement and Transportation Doctrine
    AJP-4.5 Allied Joint Host Nation Support Doctrine and Procedures
    AJP-4.6 Multinational Joint Logistic Centre Doctrine (MJLC)
    AJP-4.10 Allied Joint Medical Support Doctrine
    ALP-9(C) Land Forces Logistic Doctrine
    ATP-3.2 Land Operations
    ATP-8(A) Doctrine for Amphibious Operations
    ATP-27(C) (AJP-3.3.2) Air Interdiction and Close Air Support
    ATP-37 Supporting Arms in Amphibious Operations
    ATP-40(C) (AJP-3.3.5) Doctrine for Airspace Control in Time of Crisis and War
    ATP-45(B) Reporting NBC Attacks, and Predicting and Warning of Associated Hazards
    ATP-49(C) (ATP- Vol 1 - Use of Helicopters in Land Operations (Doctrine) (Ch1)
    (ATP- Vol 2 - Use of Helicopters in Land Operations (TTPs) (Ch1)
    ATP-52(A) Land Force Combat Engineer Doctrine
    ATP-61 (AJP- Reconnaissance & Surveillance Support to Joint Operations
    ATP-62 (AJP- Combat Search & Rescue

    ABCA Publications:
    Coalition Operations Handbook (COH) Edition 2
    New - Chapter 11 Urban Operations has been added click here
    New - Coalition Logistics Handbook (QAP 323 Edition 1).
    New - Coalition Health Interoperability Handbook (in individual files in Word format)

    Land Observations From Training 2003 (OFT 03)

    Ops Staff Docs
    Operational Forms.
    Generic SOPs:
    Armoured Unit SOPs.
    Infantry (Mechanised) Unit SOPs.
    Infantry (Non-Mechanised) Unit SOPs.
    SOHB Part 3 Section 3 - Op Staff Duties

    Land Component Handbook (CIS)

    Infantry Tactical Doctrine
    Volume 1 - The Infantry Company Group
    Pam 1 - The Infantry Company Group - The Fundamentals
    Pam 2 - Infantry Company Group Tactics 1998
    Pam 3 - Infantry Platoon Tactics
    Pam 4 - Armoured Infantry Company Group Tactics
    Pam 5 - Infantry Company Group Jungle Tactics
    Pam 6 - Military Tracking
    Jungle Operations Personal Survival Guide 1999
    Infantry Pocket Book
    Volume 2 - The Tactical Employment of Infantry Weapons and Systems
    Pam 2 - The Medium Mortar - 81mm L16
    Pam 3 - Infantry Anti-Armour Weapons Medium Range
    Anti-Tank Guided Weapon - MILAN
    Rocket System 94mm HEAT - LAW

    Infantry Training
    Volume 1 - Skill At Arms (Individual Training)
    Army Operational Shooting Policy 2003
    Vol 1 - Personal Weapons
    Vol 2 - Individual Weapons
    Vol 3 - Support Weapons
    Pam 2 - Fieldcraft, Battle Lessons and Exercises 2001
    Volume 2 - Skill At Arms (Personal Weapons)
    Pam 5 - Rifle 5.56mm modified L85A2, LSW L86A2 and Associated Equipment
    Pam 10 - Pistol Automatic 9mm L9A1 1995
    Volume 3- Skill At Arms (Section and Platoon Weapons)
    Pam 13 - Grenades, Pyrotechnics and Associated Weapons 2001
    Pam 14 - Rocket System 94mm HEAT (LAW) 1988
    Pam 16 - 51mm Mortar 2000
    Pam 17 - The General Purpose Machine Gun 2002
    Volume 5 - Infantry Heavy Weapons (Mortars)
    Pam 24 Part 1 - 81mm Mortar Weapon Handling 1999
    Pam 24 Part 2 - 81mm Mortar Fire Control Procedures and Associated Eqpt 2003
    Volume 6- Infantry Heavy Weapons (Anti-Armour)
    Pam 27 - The MILAN Weapon System 2002
    Volume 10 - Vehicles and Vehicle Mounted Weapon Systems
    Pam 50 - The Armament Systems & Gunnery Theory, CVR(T) & Saxon (L37) 2000
    Pam 51 - Turret Wpns & Eqpt, Combat Veh, Personnel, Tracked, 30mm Gun WR 1999
    Pam 52 - Turret Weapons & Equipment CVR(T) - Sabre Scimitar and Spartan 2000
    Pam 53 - Turret Weapons & Equipment Carrier, Personnel, Wheeled SAXON. GPMG. Pam 54 - Combat Vehicle Tracked, WARRIOR Driving and Maintenance 2001
    Uncoded and Provisional Publications
    .50in Browning HMG - 3rd Edition
    The Rifle .338 (8.59mm) L115A1 (Long Range Rifle)
    5.56mm Minimi LMG
    Hand Held Thermal Imaging Device (HHTID)
    Laser Aimer
    Monocular Night Vision Device (MNVD)
    Underslung Grenade Launcher
    Rifle Launched Entry Munition (RLEM) 2nd Edition

    Infantry Aides-Memoire, Pocket Books and Miscellaneous Publications
    Coaching Aide-Memoire
    Operational Small Arms Cleaning and Maintenance Aide-Memoire
    Jungle Operations Personal Survival Guide 1999
    Infantry Pocket Book
    Uncoded and Provisional Publications
    .50in Browning HMG - 3rd Edition
    The Rifle .338 (8.59mm) L115A1 (Long Range Rifle)
    5.56mm Minimi LMG
    Hand Held Thermal Imaging Device (HHTID)
    Laser Aimer
    Monocular Night Vision Device (MNVD)
    Underslung Grenade Launcher
    Rifle Launched Entry Munition (RLEM) 2nd Edition

    Army Avn
    Suggested Reading
    Tactics Manual

    Royal Artillery Pocket Book
    Pam 7 - Royal School of Artillery Course Handbook
    Royal Artillery Publications and Forms
    Collective Training Standards - Close Support, MLRS, Close Air Defence, & Rapier
    Royal Artillery Equipment
    Aircraft Recognition Training
    FOOs Aide Memoire

    Field Artillery
    Volume 1 - Artillery in Battle
    Pam 1 - The Tactical Handling of Artillery
    Pam 2 - Artillery Staff Officers Handbook (R)
    Pam 3 - The Targeting Process
    New - Pam 12 Part 3 - Reporting Hostile Shelling, Mortaring and Rocket Firings
    Volume 2 - Basic Principles and Theory
    Pam 14 Part 1 - Equipment (Draft 2)
    Pam 14 Part 2 - Ammunition
    Pam 14 Part 3 - Ballistics
    Pam 14 Part 4 - Calibration
    Volume 3 - Field Artillery
    New - Pam 6 - Artillery Fire Orders and Special Procedures
    Pam 11 Part 1 - Close Support Organization, Deployment and Operating Procedures
    Pam 11 Part 3 - Survey Within the Unit
    Pam 11 Part 4 - Principles and Uses of Fire Discipline Words and Phrases
    Pam 13 Part 1 - MLRS Organization, Deployment and Operating Procedures (ODOPs)
    Pam 13 Part 2 - Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Manual of Technical Info
    Pam 13 Part 4 - Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Det Comd?s Aide Memoire
    Pam 16 Part 1 - Organisation, Deployment and SOPs for BMETS and Vaisala
    Pam 19 - Regulations for Planning, Control, Conduct and Safety for Firing Practices
    Pam 22 - Amphibious Fire Support Aide Memoire
    New - Pam 23 Part 1 - STA - Organization, Deployment and Operating Procedures
    New - Pam 24 - AC Pamphlet 24 Regulations for Phoenix UAV Flying Practices
    Directions for the Use of Artillery Instruments (DUAI)
    Pam 19 - Director Artillery L1A1
    Pam 28 - Field Artillery Trainer 14.5mm
    Pam 33 - Artillery Fire Data Computer (AFDC) - Gunnery
    Pam 38 - Specialist Personal Global Positioning System Receiver (SPGR) - Option 3
    Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System (BATES)
    BATES Commander?s Aide Memoire
    Field Artillery Equipments
    105mm Field Gun Instructional Posters
    Gun, 105mm, L118 Towed - Gun Drills
    105mm, Light Gun Saluting - Gun Drills
    Gun Drill Gun Equipment 155mm AS90
    Drill Book Observer?s Thermal Imaging System (OTIS)
    Drill Book Lightweight Thermal Imager System (Spyglass)
    Aide Memoire for Lightweight Thermal Imager System (TI) L5/L6A1 (Spyglass)

    Field Artillery Army Forms
    Artillery Fire Plan Proforma
    Artillery Resources Plan Proforma
    Daily Records for Barrel(s) and Components
    Daily Records of Rounds Fired - Barrel
    Daily Records of Rounds/EFCs Fired - Components
    Barrel History
    Equipment History (less barrel)
    Intelligence Record
    Field Traverse Sheet
    Report of Hostile Battery Locations
    CPO?s Fire Plan Form (8 guns)
    MET 18 Standard Ballistic Meteorological Message (STANAG 4061)
    Target Information Form
    Gun Position Data Form (8 guns)
    Director Proforma
    Meteor Message Proforma
    Azimuth by Polaris - Quick Method
    Bearing Picket Card/ Artillery Survey Control Point
    Manual Computation of Grid Convergence
    Gun Programme
    New - Safety Form 1 - STA Information
    New - Safety Form 2 - STAMET Computation
    New - Safety Form 3 - Firing Data

    Air Defence
    Collective Training Standards: Close Air Defence & Rapier
    Volume IV- Air Defence Artillery
    New - Pam 2 Close Air Defence Fighting Book
    Pam 3 - Rapier Fighting Book
    Pam 7 - Air Defence Organization Deployment and Operating Procedures
    Air Defence Equipments
    Working Instructions for ADAD - Free Standing
    Air Defence Command and Information System (ADCIS)
    Working Instructions for ADCIS- Data Entry Device
    Working Instructions for ADCIS- Minor Access Cell
    Working Instructions for ADCIS- Main Processing Cell
    All Arms Aircraft Recognition
    Aircraft Recognition Training - All Arms
    Air Defence Army Books
    New - Operators Logbook
    Site Optimisation Form
    CAD Weapon Position Site Data Card
    Rapier FSC Troop Officers Weapon Position Check List
    Rapier FSC Site Data Form


    Military Engineering Volume I - Royal Engineers Organisation, Employment & Training
    Part 1 Organisation and Employment of the Royal Engineers
    Part 2 Engineer Intelligence
    Part 3 Planning and Control of Engineer of Work

    Military Engineering Volume II - Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 1 Basic Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 2 Field Fortifications
    Pamphlet No 3 Obstacles
    Pamphlet No 4 Demolitions
    Pamphlet No 4A All Arms Battle Noise Simulation
    Pamphlet No 5 Minelaying
    Pamphlet No 6 Breaching Minefields & Other Explosive Obstacles
    Pamphlet No 6A Counter Terrorist Search
    Pamphlet No 7 Gap Crossing
    Pamphlet No 7B Classification of Bridges
    Pamphlet No 7C Watermanship
    Pamphlet No 8 Roads
    Pamphlet No 9 Water Supply
    Pamphlet No 10 Basic Structures for Operations
    Pamphlet No 20 All Arms Guide to Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 21 Army Diving Supervisors Pocketbook

    Military Engineering Volume III - Bridging
    Part 1 Basic Bridging
    Part 4 Heavy Girder Bridge
    Part 5 Extra Wide Bailey Bridge - Normal Uses
    Part 6 Extra Wide Bailey Bridge - Special Constructions

    Military Engineering Volume XIX - RE Support for Air Operations
    RE Support for Air Operations

    Military Engineering Volume XXIV - Field Geographic Support
    Field Geographic Support

    Royal Engineer Pocket Books
    The Royal Engineers Pocket Book
    The Sappers Guide to Safety

    NATO Engineer Publications
    Land Force Combat Engineer Doctrine - ATP 52(A)

    Operational Forms
    AF W4012 - Demolition Recce Proforma/Schedule
    AF W4012A - Gap Crossing Reconnaissance Report
    AF W4017 - Minefield Record
    AF W9811 - Demolition Order


    Doctrine and Tactics
    RAC Tactics Vol 1 - The Armoured Squadron
    RAC Tactics Vol 2 - The Formation Recce Regiment
    The Army AFV Shooting Policy
    Platform BISA (P-BISA) Concept of Use, Version 7.1a (DRAFT)
    RAC Armour Pocket Book
    RAC Reconnaissance Pocket Book

    REME Manuals
    REME Doctrine Publication Part 2 - Maintenance Field Manual
    REME Recovery Manual
    All Arms Equipment Recovery Manual
    REME Pocket Books
    REME Pocket Book
    REME Recovery Mechanics Pocket Book
    RLC Publications
    RLC Doctrine Vol 1 Pam 1 - Logistic Support Doctrine
    RLC Doctrine Vol 2 Pam 1 - Logistic Support Operations
    RLC Doctrine Vol 5 Pam 1 - Logistic Support Movements
    The RLC Pocketbook
    RLC Databook
    RLC Field Logistic Handbook
    Organisation, Planning and Control of Military Movement in Operations
    Operational Road Transport
    Air Logistic Support
    The Planning, Organisation and Conduct of Port and Maritime Operations
    Railway Operating
    Military Road Movement (All Arms)
    Food Handling
    Food Services Regulations for the Army
  3. Cheers DM - that seems quite comprehensive!
  4. Although it's useful to have pams for old kit just in case we find massive dumps of it lying about the place, wouldn't it also be nice to have AESPs* for the kit that's currently in service?

    * - Or, even better, pams. That way, we might not have to wade through pages of 'WARNING! Dropping this on your toe might hurt. CAUTION! Do not drive a tank over an infantry foot bridge.' and build schemes for every possible combination of everything...
  5. Latest version is Ver 8 that comes in a box with ( checks on shelf in office) 7 discs. Valid from Jan to Dec 05.

    Disc 1 - Doctrine
    Disc 2 - CIS
    Disc 3 - Armour / Army Aviation
    Disk 4 - Artillery
    Disk 5 - Engineers
    Disk 6 - Infantry
    Disk 7 - Logistics
  6. or one DVD for the tech savvy...
  7. Nah. Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I once asked why it doesn't come on one DVD, as 7 CDs seems like overkill these days. Apparently it's because not all MoD computers have DVD drives, but they all have CD drives.
  8. Go onto DII - go to the Army Portal and look for the "AEL" (Army Electronic Library) hyperlink.
    It has all the Electronic Battlebox there.
  9. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    Pams are all on the Infantry CDROM - it can be very useful if you are preparing people for TEWTs as you can point them in the right direction, and they can print out just the relevant pages, for example on Armd Inf.
  10. Was talking about ME Pams rather than Inf Pams - and dripping about the fact that the EBB has pams for two out of service bridging systems, but none of the in service ones. And then moaning that pams are better than AESPs. I'll go and dry my eyes now...
  11. is there any where else where i could download THE BRITISH ARMY ELECTRONIC BATTLE BOX from home?
  12. are you a walt?
  13. Assuming this is a genuine question (?), the simple answer is no. The Battle Box is classified, therefore one cannot even use it on one's own pc, let alone access it over the Internet :wink:
  14. oh look! I think we've found a new walt hunting technique! people that want to read the battle box stuff without having to go onto camp! oh what a clever one you are!

    forget soldiers living at home, TA soldiers, OTC, cadet instructors, terrorists, weapon geeks etc. Only people who want to tell their mates and randomers in the pub would want to read it.

    get over this walt thing people. there are walts about and there's ways and means of finding out who they are. people who want to read resources and don't want to have to go onto camp to use the Dii aren't necessarily walts!
  15. Bit of a long wait (3 years) to get on the outrage bus!