British Army Dress Regulations

Has anyone got access to an electronic version of the full dress regulations for the British Army?

If so could I have a copy please?

Bravo_Zulu said:
coxy93 said:
Tried armynet?
The clue would be the forum he's posting in.

Your dress regs will depend heavily on who you're badged to, and ACF rules regarding things like brassards, TRFs etc.
ACF instructors DO have access to ArmyNet.

However, the dress regs on there are a PITA as you do have to load it a page at a time. I can't find a way to download it as a oner.

My recommendation, if you can't get access to ArmyNet is to either:
1) Send a message to your RSM and say you don't want to look a tit on camp and wondered if you could get a copy of dress regs. (If he can't help you, or refer you to somebody who can, at least he can't pick you up).
2) Send a message to your RHQ. They should be able to send you a copy of the regimental dress regulations without many hassles. Give them some time though, they do have more pressing things to do. But they'll probably do it eventually, depending on how keen on the ACF they are.
3) Go on and ask. The people there are quite helpful and there is one chap who I think spends all day trawling ArmyNet downloading stuff for the ACF. Either that or he works very long days.

If all that fails, just iron your shirt every week, iron your trousers every week, polish your boots after parade nights, keep your smock clean, mould your beret until it looks half decent, and as that is the only mandatory dress for the ACF you can never be caught out :)

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