British Army Company level exercise with Indian Army Sikh regt


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British Army has conducted a joint exercise with Sikh regt - foir the first time in 60 years
UK Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox visits India

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has met with the Indian Defence Minister Shri A.K. Antony in a two day visit to Delhi. Dr Fox is the first Secretary of State to visit India since 2005 and took the opportunity to give a speech to some of the country’s top security officials at the Vivekananda International Foundation.

Dr Fox explained the importance of the strategic partnership between the UK and India and reiterated the UK’s determination to deepen the already excellent defence relations between them.

The core aim of the visit was to begin a regular Ministerial dialogue on a wide range of defence issues, engagement that will continue in the coming months.

Dr Fox said: “The United Kingdom is committed to an enhanced partnership with India - one that celebrates and recognises India’s position as a central player in contemporary world affairs. Our two countries have long historical connections and strong ties between our people. We have over-lapping interests in trade and in security, which are a strong basis for our future relationship. The new British Government supports the promotion of a stronger, secure and more prosperous India playing its rightful role in global affairs.”

During his visit, Dr Fox laid a wreath at India Gate to mark his respects for fallen servicemen before visiting the New Delhi offices of defence company Cassidian to discuss and promote the Eurofighter Typhoon’s bid to provide aircraft for the Indian Air Force.

Dr Fox talked to Shri A.K. Antony about opportunities for UK and Indian Armed Forces to work together more closely following on from the successful joint Air Exercise Indra Danush last month and the recent company level exercise Shamsheer Bugle which was the first exercise including a British Army Unit in India in over 60 years.

He said: “During exercise Shamsheer Bugle, companies from the UK’s 4 Rifles and India’s 18th Battalion Sikh Regiment shared experience in counter-insurgency operations. We are keen to share the experience we have gained in operations in Afghanistan and hope to host an Indian Army company in the UK next year. We want to accelerate the bi-lateral programme of exercises, exchanges, training and equipment co-operation wherever we can


Book Reviewer any pix?

If you were there, how did it go ?


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******* shit. Too many Pakis.
uh were there too then were you ? Don't fink so.......if you'd said ''Too many Hats'
I might have believed you.....

Oh well, what the hell.
I thought it was a Royal Marine Commando Company who took part in the exercise in India.
Apparently it was quite successful, lot of snow and ice work.

An Indian Army infantry company was sponsored by a Brit Inf Bn in the UK.

Be interesting to get some feedback from Brits and Indians who participated.

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