British Army Clasp Knife

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Wild_Weasel, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Is the heavy duty clasp knife with sheep’s foot locking blade, can opener, and Marlin spike still issued to British troops. If not, what is the standard issue “pocket knife”?
  2. It isn't.
    Some spec trades get issued leathermen.
    Everybody eldse seems to buy super ninja specials from their local PX and then have the RAFP take them from them when travelling Crab Air......
  3. I got a leatherman when i was in basra just after i brought a gerber from the px :lol:
  4. Our Assault Pioneer‘s still hold these in their stores.
  5. I still have mine, issued in 1980 and just as good now as it was then. :D
  6. We (infantry Bn) were issued them in FARELF in the mid 1960s.
  7. Thanks to the magic of "Lost on exercise" I've still got mine inside a little webbing pouch with it's poncie para cord plaited tail hanging out.. It hung on my webbelt for years. Now it lives in a box with assorted bits of kit from an M1 bayonet through OG's to a para smock.
    Made in 1955 - a year before I joined. Unlike my shell dressing which was made in 1944.

    A Poem
    by HTT - aged 64 and a half

    every shell dressing I ever saw
    was made in nineteen forty four.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Mine was made the year my wife was born, 68 so at least 15 years before I joined up, oil the hinges!
  9. Wrong! - just got home and checked. 1953 Oil the joints
    JH Thompson
    (Cutlery) Ltd
    CC 1286

    Complete with missing chunk from a battery shorting 'brainwave' that reinforced those boring DC voltage lessons that I had clearly forgotten.
  10. :D Army Clasp knife, as described s still available through the system - speak to your all knowing G1098 storeman and he can indent for them (complete with bright yellow lanyard!).
  11. Mine got nicked in 1995. Dunno why, as the blade was well on the way to 'sharpened beyond use' well before I was issued it. Have used a Leatherman ever since., a smaller blade but a lot more useful.
  12. anyone got an NSN?
  13. i got a shiny new one of these from a shop in St. Helens for £3 and a bloody good bit of kit too! frigging tin opener was sharper than the blade when i got it though! and it dosent have the marlin spike either so it must be a real old one. certainly makes my 17 years of age quite insignificant
  14. I got my first one when I joined up many years ago and it became "lost" over the years.

    However in Afghanistan last year my storeman had the NSN and indented for a job lot which we issued to everyone.

    Sorry, don't have the NSN, but my lance-jack got the number from the NSN CD-ROM which all good G1098 stores should have.
  15. No idea if this link will work as I've never tried before. This site advertises the old type clasp knife, about half way down the page for about £18. Looks like the one I lost years ago. I found it on google under sheffield steel army pocket knife if link does not work.