British Army Chief: Deploying Troops to Syria Being Constantly Considered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. n an interview today with BBC1, British Army Chief of Staff General Sir David Richards said that the military is “continually” working on different plans for military intervention in Syria, raising the prospect of direct British military involvement.
    [​IMG]Sir David suggested that theprimary goal right now of British foreign policy was to keep the Syrian Civil War from spilling across any borders, so the most likely deployments would be along the Syrian border as a sort of quarantining measure.

    They might deploy inside Syria, however, nominally on humanitarian grounds. He insisted any deployment would be “limited” and that the military would be “very cautious” about getting too deeply involved in the ugly civil war.

    The general also discussed the possibility of attacking Iran, saying that so long as Prime Minister David Cameron keeps “all options” on the table related to Iran that the military is obliged to prepare for the possibility he’s going to up and order an attack some day. Sir David seemed even less interested in this war, however, saying an attack on Iran was “fraught with risk.”

    British Army Chief: Deploying Troops to Syria Being Constantly Considered -- News from
  2. Now why would you want to do that, instead of ridding London cities of "London Accent speaking Jihadis" who travel to Syria to wage Holy Jihad for 72 houris, why would the British Military want to involve themselves in a damme Jihad again.

    Why doesnt the British just keep to themselves and deal with their own problems which is many instead of meddling in someone's war, what will Britain achieve by doing this?
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    More medals for the lads.
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  4. I agree, I'd be very happy to see the Army deployed to Brum to flush you out of your kebab shop.
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  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Oh no not again. Will we never learn? I suppose DC sees himself as super-Blair (instead of Blair Lite).

    Once we go in, stand by for an orgy of mission creep. Remember when we were going into Afghanistan without firing a shot?
  6. Troops on the ground? Or naval/air forces? Either way where will these extra forcs come from? Doing what? Under the command of who exactly?
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  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The voices in my head made me post this about a month ago:

    and this in April:
  8. 1. Russian acquiescence will be possible in two cases: a) if US/UK orchestrated "Syrian" or "Egyptian" scenario will succeed in Russia within the next few months; b) if Putin will be assassinated.

    2. If Erdogan will put "Turkish boots" into Syria, it will be his personal suicide and the start of Turkish territorial disintegration.
  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Hurrah. It'll be over by Christmas.
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  10. Seeing as there seems a small but still significant possibility of Turkey - a NATO ally - going to war with Syria and dragging us along, I'd hope that we are continually working out plans so that we actually have some idea what the **** to do upon arriving.

    Doesn't mean we're actually intending to go.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    The moment Assad begins to look wobbly, Putin will drop him like a hot potato and there'll be talk of protecting the interests of Syrian Eastern Orthodox Christians and retaining access to Tartus under the new regime. (Just in my fantasy world.)
  12. Russia under Medvedev would've dropped Assad from the start.

    Russia under Putin will drop Assad only when the battle for Syria will be lost. Not because Assad or Tartus are so important to Russia, but because the longer Syrians resist international "civilised democratic" onslaught, the more time it gives Russia to prepare for when "civilised" will give it their full attention.
    It's not a binome de Newton to understand that after Syria there will be Iran, and then -- Russia and China.
    "Syrian freedom fighters" already making their way into Russian Caucasus through Turkey and Georgia; and Salaphi and Wakhabi sects funded by SA and Qatar have marked their presence in Russia by committing terrorist acts against Islamic leaders of Russia's Muslims.
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  13. Christmas 2020?
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Thank you, Domovoy. Interesting insight. Does Russia still fear such encirclement by its 'enemies'.