British Army Cancelling ADI Bushmaster (failed mine test) ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by fantassin, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Well, everything is in the title...I read on another forum that mine resistance tests conducted in 2008 in the UK led to the British Army cancelling its order of 24 ADI Bushmaster vehicles.

    This what the forum said:

    The Bushmaster did not pass the resistance to mines test carried out in the United Kingdom (Level 3 STANAG, e.g 8 kg mine )

    According to the latest news, the British army will therefore not proceed with the order of 24 ADI Bushmaster vehicles

    Anybody got any more infos on that ?
  2. Whos said its not already in-service!! :roll:
  3. In service and affectionately known as 'Smashmaster'
  4. Awesome bit of kit.
  5. OK thanks for the info
  6. Bushmaster Ambulance and flatbed version on back of low-loaders, dark o'clock on the M3 southbound today.
  7. As they are in service then, are they going to be named after a dog breed ?

    As THALES is a French firm, may I suggest poodle ?
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  8. Yes they are in service. Try named after a snake!
  9. That's breaking with a recent tradition (ridgback,mastiff,jackal etc..).

    Mind you, so is Panther....Doh !
  10. should have bought the PANDUR 2 like they wanted!!!
  11. Copperhead?
  12. So is it one of the newly named wagons then ? Husky, Wolfhound or Coyote ? Only I don't believe our army will let it remain being named aftera snake !
  13. Copperhead is the proposal put forward by Thales as a Armoured Logistic vehicle. Its based on the Bushmaster. There was a Copperhead on a low loader on the M3 the other day.
  14. ThanKs CH
  15. Thanks CH.