British Army calls in French troubleshooter

Maybe one day France will house more than a few dozen British officers....

Unlikely they would go anywhere other than the US.

Whist warhead movement would be complicated - it would ease missile maintenance / rotation

Then theres all the commonality of the missile compartments themselves and other associated systems.

Thats before we get to whether the US would have a stampy foot moment about them being based in France and or the EU
I'm sure Wee Nippy views those Naval assets as her own.
Kings Bay, Georgia or Brest.

6 to 5 and pick ‘Em.
The official announcement of the arrival of a new French DComd for 3 (UK) Div

Thanks! In fact that is 1(UK)Div. Charging Rhino!
Maybe more GBR/FRA cooperation on the horizon....

Ben Wallace, the defence secretary, is more thoughtful about this than most of his cabinet colleagues. He argues that “taking America for granted” has been a mistake and suggests Britain should be working on other alliances, mentioning France as a partner in supporting African countries besieged by extremists.

A novel use of the Brit Deputy Cdr for operations of the 1st French division.
I see that he got sent to the doghouse straight away then!

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