British Army calls in French troubleshooter


The new French deputy Cdr of 1(UK) division has been nominated.

BG Laurentin has a Para/SF background and also served at the POL/MIL level.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Al Veitch has completed his posting to 1 (FRA) division. I have to see the name of his succesor

He looks very French

He looks very French

I see more Daniel Craig than Boris Karloff here. Seems a handy looking chap, right enough.
Brigadier Jon Cresswell.png
Former CO 29 Commando Regiment RA from what l can see on the internet
Interesting he’s still allowed to wear a green lid and bootneck rank slides.
Surely correct in that form of dress, though? Army Commando not RM.
Pretty sure the General Staff wear the uniform of the Staff, not their previous Arm or Service.
Pretty sure the General Staff wear the uniform of the Staff, not their previous Arm or Service.
Not with No 8 Dress i.e. Combat Dress. From Army Dress Regulations (possibly not the latest edition but good enough):
04.379. No.8 (Combat Dress): When a General Officer is wearing combat dress with rank on a single slide, the sword point is to be towards the right shoulder. The rank insignia are to be embroidered in khaki and white thread on MTP slide. Alternatively a slide of similar style and colour to the individual’s previous regiment or corps worn on plain olive green slide without any abbreviations or letters. General Staff stable belt and TRF. Beret or headdress of the individual’s previous regiment or corps worn with General Officer’s badge in embroidery. If the individual’s previous regiment or corps wore a backing patch to the cap badge, this may also be worn. Aiguillettes are not worn. Royal Cipher if entitled is to be worn at the base of the rank slide in the same style of embroidery as the rank as shown below.
Maybe one day France will house more than a few dozen British officers....

The UK has drawn up secret contingency plans to move its Trident nuclear submarine bases from Scotland to the US or France in the event of Scottish independence.

Another option under consideration is for the UK to seek a long-term lease for the Royal Navy’s nuclear bases at their current location in Faslane and Coulport on the west coast of Scotland. This would create a British territory within the borders of a newly separate Scotland, said people briefed on the plans.

The UK government is fiercely opposed to Scottish independence but the prospect of a potential break-up of the Union is worrying Whitehall. The governing Scottish National party returned to power in May and has pledged to ban all nuclear weapons in an independent Scotland.

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