British Army-bunch of scruffs... or what?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by G104MEN, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Now that I have your attention, I felt the need(?!) to discuss something that has gripped me for a few years now.
    I have served with many different Arms & Regiments in my time and have worn many different forms and colours of head dress and fully support the idea of Regimental identity etc.
    One thing really does grip me though.Why can't the Army enforce the wearing of service issued clothing in a uniform matter? :?
    I mean, in my current unit today, I saw people on a parade(Officers, WO's & SNCO's included) wearing about 6 different types of boots, some issued, some not, 4 or 5 types of jacket/smock, again some issued,others not.
    Some people used trouser twists and others used the ties. In all, they looked a bit of a mess.
    I am not a huge fan of the Yanks, but credit where it is due, they at least look uniformal! We look like we've raided the nearest Military surplus store and dished kit out willy nilly.
    I admit to having privately bought kit myself, but I ONLY use it on exersice.
    I remember as a young soldier getting gripped by my CSM for having a non-issued beret, he would have gone ape if he was there this morning.What do you all think, are we letting standards slip or am I being a bit of a whingeing tit? :?:
  2. Seems like a whine to me
    Have you seen the issued beret? its huge
    Why have a go at soldiers who have gone out and bought there own kit aslong as kit is ironed boots are polished and your beret doesnt look like you have just cleaned your car with it who cares.
    Twisters ties elastic bands not bothered
  3. so your saying you would rather wear a set of assault boots tabbing than a set of lowas , people use differnt kit for a reason and some of the americans kit is gucci enough that they don't have to buy it yet i see were your coming from.
    if the army used the kit we want to were and issued it, it would save us money and make you happy
  4. standards slip. the army started doing that when all the gobshites that joined up back in about 2000.
  5. Have you asked the RSM personally about this? After all, it's his bag.

    What were you doing with a non-issued beret when you were a young soldier? Just a question.
  6. I'm the single most scruffy bloke in NATO. However every day my boots are polished and i put fresh combats T shirt and socks on daily. Its (I wouldn't say Pressed) rubbed over with an iron and my boots get gripped by the hedgehog outside the block then kiwi-kit daily.

    I don't see a problem as long as said scruffy cnut knows his/her/its job inside out and performs when expected to.
  7. on a parade I'd expect some attempt to ensure everyone was wearing the same shirt/smock/trousers/boots. Beyond that, I don't care what my lads wear whilst conducting training as long as it does the job, is DPM and keeps their feet dry.

    On the subject on Septics, a certain Falstaffian GOC sent us a 2 page memo whinging about tailored bush hats and people drinking out of bottles of water whilst on guard and wanted us to be more professional in our appearance, like the septics. The same septics who regularly brassed up Allied white fleet and green fleet on the roads from Navistar having waved them on..........

    Anyway, I'd rather be in Fred Karno's army than any bunch of **** septics!
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  9. I hear what most of you are saying and will answer a few of your points:

    1. Yes, I would prefer to tab/yomp whatever in Lowa's, but if I can do it whilst training in Pussers boots then if I ever had to do it for real in non-issue boots, easy peasy.In fact, I used a pair of civy Scarpa boots for many years,just gone U/S and replaced with Lowa's.
    2. No, I haven't spoken to RSM , he was wearing non-issue boots!! But he did have an issued jacket, highly pressed, of course!
    3. I was wearing a non-issue beret because I thought it looked better.Shit bust.However my old CSM did not.Shit bust. 4 extra's later, I subscribed to his take on dress regs.

    I agree,of course, with those who would have their guy's ability and performance take precedence over their state of dress,BUT, I still firmly believe, in camp at the very least, there is no need whatsoever to walk around dressed Ally as **** in Lowa boots , Para/Artic/SAS SMOCK etc when your a clerk/chef/storeman(like me) or whatever.
    It would be nice ,however, if Lowa's became an issued piece of kit,along with a few other items.Might stop all this going on. :)
  10. Some valid points. When on parade its up to the chain of command to ensure all are dressed the same. On exercise/ops anybody can be uncomfortable.
  11. DPM should be worn in the field - thats what its designed for. Roll on the return to barrack dress!
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    That was telic 5 right? if so, i remember reading the memo some monthsd after it was issued, and asking the guy next to me wtf? he just shrugged and shook his head.
  13. Yep! A very busy GOC, so busy he had time to whinge about lads whose camlbaks had bust, but couldn't get replaced so drank out of water bottles. The man so important that his guard went up from 8 lads to 32 lads..........
  14. Whilst on parade, I belive soldiers should all be wearing the same uniform, however boots (I belive) should be a soldiers choice. So long as they are black and well maintained what is the problem.

    The one thing that really grips my s**t is people who have an injury and are eccused wearing boots, then they wear their own civvi pattern trainers. They should wear the issue sports shoes, granted they are not the best looking but at least they would all be wearing the same colour and style.
  15. Bring back working dress, problem solved.

    Each man wears issue boots, Lightweigts, Shirt, Jumper HW, beret, belt.

    Jobs a good 'un.

    Looks smart, feels smart, and keeps the DPM for the field (so we don't have to badge it up).

    I have never been happy whereing your CS 95 all of th etime. Esp as people have decided that the Jakcet LW is now a shirt, and shouldn't be worn on Ex. And has to be tucked in.