British Army branded trainers to go on sale..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bernoulli, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. It appears that the Army will be flogging "branded" trainers.,1586,1305547,00.html

    The Army will be allowing it's crest to be used on these new super-duper run faster trainers, PT03s. The only snag in the marketing plan I can see, is that the Army won't actually be buying these trainers for issue to Squaddies. You will still have to make do with sh*tty old Hi Techs. :D
  2. i still cannot remember when the Army went to war wearing trainers anyway! how about actually training with the kit they will use in a situation~ or will it be lets yomp for 8k's/whatever, then change out of our trainers and put the boots on at LUP :cry:
  3. I'll buy a pair.........

  4. hi tech silver shadows still going strong :D
  5. There is one good thing going for Silver Shadows. If you are out hill walking and camping, they can be sort of screwed up in a ball and put in the bottom of your rucksack as "evening wear", and they are very light as well.
  6. Under the logo it's going to say "Made In Vietnam"
  7. I find this very is Bernoulli doing reading The Grauniad?
  8. I read it because it deals with wimmin's issues.. :D
  9. It's part of a whole new range of "New Labour, New Army" stuff!

    McNAAFI, new to the High Street, the take-a-way that gives you that real Army food experience.

    ARMUCCI, not Gucci, you can have any colour you like, as long as it's DPM.

    The MT, yes forget "maxing up" your car, we're convert your Pug into a mean, lean, fighting machine, armour plating, NATO green, rocket launchers and the biggest tyres you've ever seen.
  10. What about ScaliePhone: They operate the new mobile G3, all-singing, all dancing, mobile telephone network. Shame it won't work. or,

    Tech Stores R Us: The new PC distribution warehouse with all your PC needs under one roof. But do remember - stores is for storin', so don't be surprised when you are told to f*ck off. or,

    PT World: Get the body you deserve (but please do ignore shouting and complete lack of imagination in training regimes).

  11. Now that really is a fcuking scary thought. 8O

    [quote = "oracle"]PT World: Get the body you deserve (but please do ignore shouting and complete lack of imagination in training regimes). :D [/quote]

    You can do this anyway:, although I tend to look at it as hour playing Follow-my-Leader and Simon Says... ignoring the sense of humour failure on the part of some of the instructors. :lol:
  12. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    "Are Silver Shadows any good, or are they merely the cheapest option available to the Army? If the latter, then why, in an era of considerable recruit wastage through lower limb injuries (see latest edition of ADTN), are they still issued?" Discuss.
  13. An english kilt made for the 2nd highland fanny dancers. :D
  14. You won't believe this but the Silver Shadow - the cheapest bidder - is to be replaced with a new trainer. According to the publicity it will be identical to the Hi Tec model but without the branding.

    Yup. The cheapest bidder has been under-cut.

    Stand by for even more lower limb injuries!