British Army Black officers in World War 1


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Interesting piece about various black officers at a time when "the provisions in the 1914 Manual of Military Law which barred, what it called, "negroes and or persons of colour" from holding rank above sergeant."
I tried to read that but was put off by the overwhelming sound of hand-wringing.


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A bit off the OP's original topic but:
Captain John Perkins (died 27 January 1812), nicknamed Jack Punch, was a British Royal Navy officer. Perkins was the first black commissioned officer in the Royal Navy. He rose from obscurity to be one of the most successful ship captains of the Georgian navy. He captained a 10-gun schooner during the American War of Independence and in a two-year period captured at least 315 enemy ships.
Too be fair the "Empire" for all it's faults was quite accepting of other ethnicities to serve. The fact that in WW1 there was British Officers really is a line in the sand so to speak.
Consider that America wouldn't follow suit and let Black men lead white troops until Korea some 32 years later should be remembered and even celebrated.
Now, did any get arrested for raping a white woman btw?

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