British Army armoured brigade faces the chop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by napier, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. Yeah , yeah. Whatever makes you happy.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Time for you to stop digging.
  3. <CENSORED!>
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  4. I've put up masts at stupid o'clock in the morning as a Sqn Comd, along with the Sqn 2IC and Ops/Tffc Offr. In fact, I've done it with the CO before now. Fact of life in a Signals Regt.

    I've walked the route from the house that you refer to to the bus stop - total distance was 800m maximum, across a flat field. There was a track though, which involved a slightly longer walk. You're right about the bus stop though, bare arrsed.

    But it does not compare. You slept in a warm bed every night, had access to a hot shower each morning, able to make a brew in a fully equipped kitchen and could wash and dry your kit. Lielvarde was easy but it was a deployed 3* HQ, not an Armd Bde Main.
  5. As a cost-effective means of preparation for winter warfare, QMs will be instructed to leave the heating off until at least New Years Day.

    Troops prepared, money saved, MBEs earned. Simples!

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  6. We've been prepping for this for generations then?
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  7. WOW. Fantastic. And the temperature was?

    BTW, You never walked to the bus stop, you were ferried everywhere. The hot water came from waking up early and making a had the luxury of waking up later... someone always did things for you.
  8. I did, with your ex's mother. She kindly called round so that she could help me buy a ticket from the driver. Nice lady.
  9. As amusing as it is to see people bait one another, how cold did/does it get in Bosnia, Poland, Canada and the like where your average squaddie gets to enjoy lower temps?
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  10. What an excellent twist to the thread, a ‘Nam-esque ‘you don’t know man, you weren’t there!’ tale of walking to a bus stop, in relation to armoured warfare.

    Only on arrse.
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  11. Well, this got weird quickly.
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  12. Pipe down over there, where were you when the number 17 arrived?!!
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  13. Bosnia, down to -25 to -30, Poland much the same and Canada even colder. Visting Mrs H_M in Belarus in March was an experience, down to -25 which is when the schools shut and only essential services are open. Apparently, it is cold there now according to my MiL but the central heating hasn't yet been fired up in their apartment block...
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  14. There's a song about that. "Marder on the Dance Floor..."

    thenk you, ay'll be here all week...

    Admit it, I had to, they say a Leopard never changes its spots...
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  15. C'mom, chaps. Back on thread please. This is starting to get like the Brexit thread, alas.
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