British Army AFV crew Helmets

Hi fella's ( and sorry felleress's)

Can anyone help with info on the pictures. See attached picture of a new AFV crew helmet which I think is the AFV400 from NP Aerospace and its predescessor?

Can anyone give me more info i.e. the name, service dates, material constructed from etc for the older helmet and supply similar info for the new one/confirm name etc?




I don't know the technical specification but the left hand (old) crewman's helmet was issued to BAOR tank crews from about 1980 - 87 and was known as the "bone dome". It was, without doubt, the most uncomfortable bit of kit ever. Little short of torture after a couple of hours use. Made of some sort of composite plastic with built in earphones you could only listen to by wearing the feckin thing.
I couldn't tell you much about the 'new' Crewguard helmet, apart from the fact that you look a proper twit if you make the suprisingly easy mistake of fitting the headset incorrectly and then wearing it back to front. I've never paid much atention to the maker's label except to ensure I've not got a 'small' one.
whats new about it been around for at least 20 years, te only thing differnt about it that he has infantry headgear on
Thanks for the info fellas I have what I need now. I did know the crewguard had been around since at least '91 so shouldn't probably have desciribed it as 'new' just wanted to keep it simple...i.e.old vs new



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