British Army 1970s Intrusion detection equipment

ok all you old and bold :)

Back in the70s, I was a REME tels tech and I recall working on 2 bits of intrusion kit while serving in an inf LAD.

One was IRIS, Infra Red Intrusion System iirc.

and another system that employed buried geophones connected to a control box that would record motion sounds as a count.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember what this sytem was called or its acronym.

Can anyone help please?
IIRC is was called CLASSIC and looked like a PRC349
Good stuff unless you were somewhere in South Armagh like Drummakaval where there were roaming cattle. Kept me and the boss thinking there was a brigade size unit of the South Armagh ASU forming up for an attack on our little world war 1 dugout one night. :)
had one on for granby for Cyprus it was set up in one of the orange sangars with no real instructions passed to any of the sentry's.
One night it went nuts and with nothing better to do decided to investigate.
Que one very surprised bloke with what looked like a suitcase full of electronics.
excuse was er "i'm looking for a public toilet" didn't really work QRF took him away then came back for the mysterious suitcase so it did work.


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Used to use CLASSIC on the SINO/HK Border on Anti-II Ops. It was quite effective although I suspect quite a few OP's places them to make sure they were not surprised by a visit from management.

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