British Armour - when did we start using the Green/Black camouflage scheme?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Rodney2q, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. I have been looking at some pics of WW2 1944 British armour. These were all a plain green or Olive Drab colour. I thought we were using the green and black camoufalge scheme by the end of the war and I've seen photos of SSVs with a green and black (Mickey Mouse ears) style camouflage.

    Does anyone know when the green/black camouflage became standard for British vehicles?

    Just curious, that's all


  2. I know its wiki, but there is some interesting stuff here for you.

    Military camouflage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Just hold your horses (see what I did there?) for 5 minutes. Tropper will be along shortly to tell you :D

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  4. No I won't cos' I don't know

    But ask the Tank museum on FB if you like
  5. When I joined 13/18H LAD in late 70/early 71, the Panzers still had the three tone Olive drab/matt black/brown but when we had to prepare for handover to 2RTR in 71, they were all repainted in two tone olive drab/matt black

    Of course, knowing our Panzers, the brown could have been rust !
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  6. :)

  7. Some time in World War !

    Have you any idea how rare colour photographs of WW1 tanks are

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  12. I know at least one TA Recce squadron that was still using plain green in 1988/9. I think we added the black around 1990 and it was probably not much use. The paint had to be stirred very well to get a matt finish and most of our vehicles ended up with a lot of glossy surface.
  13. THink there is something on topic in this months soldier magazine book recommendations. Maybe, (I'm typing with one eye closed for clarity ; )