British Armed Forces staff shortage crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Full report - Daily Telegraph
  3. quotes from related leader in today's Telegraph:
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Pay to play a lead role on the world stage, or take your place in the chorus.

    Simple really.

  5. Well phrased MSR
    Not sure i can be so restrained
    best i just agree before GCO/BCO ban me
  6. msr

    msr LE

    More from The Times:

    Soldiers do not object to being sent to war as such. They do object to having to fight without the best equipment and support, and without being given clear objectives. They recognise the failure of the Government to back its strategy with expenditure. General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, has spoken of the overstretch of the British Army, having to fight a difficult war on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan. The soldiers experience this overstretch in almost every detail of their lives, and on the risks they are expected to take.

  7. It's not simply about money because they've greatly raised taxes and massively increased public spending on everything else except prisons and defence. They haven't built any more prisons because they don't agree with prison and prefer ASBOs and such. Don't agree with it but they got elected so c'est la vie.

    But if they don't like or want an effective armed forces then why get involved in all these wars. They could have just slowly run them down to a defense force without all this. Makes no sense.
  8. :roll: Not suprised if you have skills there is work around with good pay and conditions, and the present govts. treatment of the Armed Forces give people the feeling things will not improve, when you get kicked you retaliate the way you think is best. :x

  9. And with the Prison staff threatening to go on strike....who's going to be called in to replace them?
  10. Errrrrrrrrrr with everything else that's going on do we really need a full quota of submarine warfare specialists? Perhaps the remaining 68% cold be retrained as Merlin crew? :wink:
  11. Ah, but then they can't pretend to still be main players in the international arena. Time someone pointed out that we're no longer a super power and haven't been for a long, long time.
  12. x-crab wrote:

    Yeah but that's the point. They've massively raised taxes and public spending. If they want to "be main players in the international arena" then some of that huge amount of extra cash could have gone to the armed forces.

    The bit that makes no sense is that they want to play in the world games but have cut defence spending to the point where they're slowly destroying the armed forces and getting a lot of people hurt in the process.
  13. biscuits_ab wrote:

    yeah that's the other thing. same with the flooding.
  14. Deja vú! Liarbour Party and the Armed Forces - nothing really changes.

    HQ BAOR, Engr Branch, late `74 - Part of my job was to collate the theatre returns on material and equipment, in this case, C vehicles (bulldozers, tractors, scrapers, graders and such like).

    Wilson and his bandits had been in power for less than a year - serviceability rate ca. 60 - 70 %, VOR 30 - 40 %.

    Fast forward: HQ BAOR, Engr Branch, mid ´76. I still had the same job.

    Wilson and his bandits, with Healey as minister, had now been in the saddle for about 2.5 years - serviceablitiy rates on C vehicles had in the meantime fallen to ca. 30 - 40 %, VOR increased to ca. 60 - 70 %.

    The boss (a Maj. Gen. who had been on the bridge at Arnhem as a Capt.) got the latest figures in his hand and went ballistic! The collation itself was henceforth published as a "Confidential" document. It wouldn`t be wise to risk Ivan discovering that we scarcely had the capacity to dig the mass graves that might/would be needed if he decided to come over the border. And if this was the state of the C vehicles, what was it like with the A vehicles?

    The big problem - spare parts, and the funding thereof. Somehow sounds familiar, doesn`t it? And all those years ago, and they still haven`t learnt!

    It was with that government that I also discovered exactly what a "poverty trap" is - whilst serving in NI. So, also where pay is concerned, it`s very much par for the course when Liarbour is calling the shots.
  15. How about for starters paying people a fair salary? the uk average is now around 23k, so is asking to much that a trained private soldier risking his life daily is paid this figure as a stating salary?