British Armed Forces Motoring Association BAFMA Championship

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by watto135, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Hey guys

    i used to do some land rover rallies with my former TA infantry unit but funding stopped a long time ago i have recently transfered to the Royal Signals & started taking part in these events again next year there are 9 events for the championships & all the main detials regulations & info toget your unit involved are listed on the website if u PM me i can email u a list of events over these are really good fun but hard work good for driver training in off road situations & you learn a lot to, it also good for navagtion training, as everybody thinks they are good at navagating but its harder at 20 - 30 mph i can tell you looking for some good support this year & hopefully push BAFMA further forward. if anybdy is after some info let me know & may be we can see you at some events next year. & by the way it is open to both TA & regular, all you need is a landrover really

    cheers watto
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    BAFMA -

    I can thoroughly recommend these events - they are gret fun, and a great way of learning the basics of vehicle navigation.

    Check out the BAFMA website, and ask for a set of the Regs for any of the races. All you need are 2 people (Driver/Commander), an issue L/R, and some map reading ability. I started after getting too past it to orienteer! Really, really good fun, but they always seem to be on on vital TA weekends.
  3. Yes but if you get lucky enough to win a few events hich you can do easily i have only competed in 4 rallies the first we didnt finish, the 2nd we got 18th in class which was a 5 years ago now but last year started them up again at the end of the year & managed to get the last 2 rallies of the year in. with very good results from these.

    first rally - rickshaw came away 8th overall out of 30 & first in class as a beginner crew
    second rally - |Roadmaster pushed the experts even further, 4th overall out of 80 & first in class as a novice crew

    come on guys lets get some more teams in My CO is loving this now we are winning trophies, with plenty of trophies being presented over the weekends,

    first rally of the year is march starting at otturburn in march
  4. The first event is Rickshaw Ramble at Longmoor over the period of 19-21 Jan 07 Please pass this round asap entrys will be taken on the day