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Hello all

Some may know me, & know that i take part in the bafma championships over the year.

well we are coming to the end of the training year & we are getting ready for next year to start with 8 or 9 events next year in the calender.

starting in january, we are looking for more competitors for this & its down to the junoirs & senoirs amongst us to promote this through our regiments, & sub units. By doing this we can hopefully give the organisers plenty of supprt for next year. these events are fantastic fun but hard work teaching you basic vehicle repairs, navagational training & driver training.

this weekend just gone was a fantastic weekend on exercise roadmaster the biggest BAFMA event of the year. lots of events lots of fun. with plenty of silverware on hand. my hat goes of to the organisers of the events as there was a lot of work put into the event.

any body interested visit the following website for for info go to contacts page & email the BAFMA exec secratary a retired colonel. he will help you
cheers watto
Wot a load of bollox :x My unit sends landrover 110s on these rallys (and yes they are rallys not navigational exercises) and bring them back unrepaired and dump them on the Civ Mech to repair :evil: In my opinion it is nothing more than a sneaky army 4X4 jolly for those who love the sport.

If we have not got enough good landrovers to supply units with, bearing in mind the additional costs of repair, fuel and MTDs for those TA soldiers taking part, why are they still allowed to go ahead :?
Well FuKu my freind i think you are speaking out your arrse to say the least.

dont know what unit you are from, are you saying we should not be allowed to have fun in these day & ages, & receive valuble training Yes it is valuble - Map reading is important, Driving is important.


on the last weekend the average speed for this was 15- 20KM per hour so how can this be classed as rallying.

Have you taken part in events in the past year. i dont think so or you would see the difference.

Seems to me like a dsigruntled person talking about repairs. What are the landrovers deisgned for sitting in a TA centre car park or garage not to do anything. we use them for what they are designed for & train drivers to do what they should be doing a lot more off!!!!!!!

My freind may be should have a word with land due to the fact that they think these events are good they added them to the land command collective training programe & also issue Defence Instruction Notices for the events.

you my freind are a tool, with all the operational things happening with the TA, & to keep these people interested in the TA we have to give them a retention positive soloution & this a firm thing for keeping people intersted.

And just to add to it the Team i have formed which my regiment is also supports, with all the squadrons also looking at taking this up further. always are told if they wish to do the BAFMA events then they have to do Squadron & Regiment weekends. & to further piss on your strawberries we have only ever brought one rover back damaged, due to somebody loosing control of a rover & hiting the back end. we have ourever identified problems that needs to fixed, & also done the driver A jobs which dont seem to get done.
Joust on more thing as i forgot to mention is that this is British Armed Forces Motoring Asscoiation.

So its not just TA its regulars, RAF, Navy sometimes, who actaully take part
Have to agree with Watto, i got Best Newcomer a few yrs ago at one of the events and my co-driver was a doris!
Seriously, you tend to learn quite easily the skills involved with driving a rover x-country. And when you get stuck, with only you and co-driver to get yourselves out you start to question
1. His map reading skills!
2. Your driving skills!
After you have dug, dragged or driven your way out you tend to not get stuck anymore!
Its not just a "rally" there are different stages such as a course that is usually laid out by the local 4x4 club which means that you rarely get out of 2nd gear Lo! And to see the civvys in 1960 Series 1's beating you in your, well not nowadays!, shiny HD Land Rover puts the whole thought of driving skills to the test.
But if your Units drivers are returning the vehs in crap state then maybe they should go on more to improve! In the 6 i have done, the worst i suffered was a weight falling off one of the front wheels causing a severe shudder above 50mph all the way from Dumfermline to Bournemouth!!!
BAMA(as was) now BAFMA is the most cost effective,addictive,confidence/team building VOLUNTARY form of training available to ALL members of the Armed Forces. Having been involved as a competitor and organiser from the mid 70's to date,I whole heartedly endorse the need for units to promote participation in these Exercises throughout the year. The benefits that the competitors are able to gain via the in house training and encouragement from others,coupled with the competitive spirit generated,vastly enhance working together,map reading skills,driving technique,equipment care,assistance to fellow competitors, and the determination to finish the job.
Apart from which it is most enjoyable,especially after the event during the "critique stories."
Thankyou,rant over.CrustyBmech. aka Diesel Dog.
Diesel Dog

not sure if know you but i probably do, i totally agree with you you are so right i have only been doing this for a year & its the biz.

i think its just somebody blowing off steam as not heard from him since.

i run a team from signals been on all events since rickshaw last year you might know us as the beaver boys

Exercise Magnum Spirit 2007 has taken place over the weekend (12-13 May 07) at ATA Haltern and what a cracking event it was. Sponsored this year by 1 CSMR. I would like to thank all of the personnel involved in the camp admin side, an excellent job carried out with great spirit. The usual suspects were involved with the running of the exercise and are probably in the planning stage for next years! There were 46 starters, an encouraging number in todays way of life, and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience with a greater understanding of map reading, driving techniques and working closely together with your partner. Details of future navigational driver training exercises may be found

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